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How to Increase Your Online Surveys for Money

This is a guest post by Spencer.

Image of a SurveyIf you’ve taking surveys for money for a while then you probably have one thing on your mind: “how can I make more money from surveys?”. While there’s definitely a limit on how much cash you’ll bring in from surveys that doesn’t mean that you can’t bump things up.

Here are 7 steps to help you squeeze every penny from your online surveys for money income:

1. Start Participating in Free Trial Offers

Free trial offers are awesome because you’re able to try new products for free AND get paid for it. And while these sites aren’t exactly paid survey panels, they generally do offer a few paid surveys in addition to their regular offers.

For example, Cash4Surveys pays you up to $10 for signing up for a free trail. Please note that you will need a credit card to participate in these offers. However, you still get paid even if you cancel. This is a great way to supplement your paid survey offers without having to spend a dime!

2. Get Organized

Organization is super-important for those of us that belong to several paid survey panels. With completely different rewards points and payout structures keeping tabs on when (or if!) you’ll get paid can be a real challenge.

That’s why I recommend putting together a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel that keeps track of your active panels, current points levels and what you’ll need to do in order to get paid.

3. Sign Up For Email Invitations

More and more paid survey sites are offering the option to allow their users to receive email alerts when they qualify for a survey. I highly recommend opting in for these emails as they allow you to manage your invitations from one place (your email inbox).

Also, as many high-paying surveys fill up fast, these email alerts allow you to get in before the bum’s rush. There’s nothing worse in the life of a paid survey panelist than receiving a lucrative survey invite…only to be shut out because you were too late to the party.

4. Set “Survey Time”

This may be the most important step of all. People that do best with paid surveys, like Survey Spencer’s Spencer Mitchell, have a few hours a day that they spend on online surveys for money.

This is very different than how most people approach surveys. Most people just take surveys when they have nothing better to do….and wonder why they’re not making any money.

5. Get Into Focus Groups and Product Testing

These two intensive forms of market research are great ways to give your survey income a shot in the arm. However, to get invited to these focus groups, you usually need to be a long-term member of the panel with a good standing in the community. So make sure that you spend ample time filling out surveys when you’re invited to them.

6. Branch Out

Keep in mind that there are dozens of reputable paid surveys sites out there. A common mistake I see people make is sticking to a handful of panels that they joined when they first got into surveys.

Of course you need to be mindful of scams when signing up, but joining new panels is the fastest way to increase the number of survey invitations you receive.

7. Set a Few Priority Panels

Look: not every panel offers the same level of rewards. But the only way you’ll know which one to focus on when you have limited time is by setting your best-paying as a priority. This way you’ll be able to properly prioritize when your inbox gets flooded with survey invitations.

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2 Responses to 'How to Increase Your Online Surveys for Money'

  1. Taking surveys are pretty easy and fun, although sometimes you do get carried away and spend way too much time at some of those get paid to sites like Swag Bucks. But anyway, it is an easy way to earn money from home.

    • Lisha says:

      Yeah that is true. You can definitely spend too much time taking surveys that might not be worth it. Make sure when you’re taking surveys that you’er figuring how long it’s taking you to make a certain amount of money, that way you know whether or not it’s worth it for you.

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