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Problems with Google? This Will Help

Do you keep getting slapped by Google? Unfortunately Google is always changing their algorithm.

My own personal experience with my google ranking has always been fine. And none of my sites or blogs get the so-called “Google Slap” when they do an update to their algorithm. And there’s a reason why. I don’t care too much about SEO. The way I write my blog posts is normal, the way I get backlinks is natural, etc. It doesn’t look forced. It doesn’t look like I’m trying to spam or trick the search engines.

Here are my tips for you.:

Create good content don’t focus too much on perfect SEO. If you are backlinking, make sure it is as natural looking as possible, and in many different types of places. Social backlinks (facebook and twitter, etc) and comment backlinks, and guest post or article backlinks on other people’s sites/blogs should all be used.

When writing articles, it’s difficult to rank for short keyword phrases. So try expanding your keywords and making them into longtail keywords.

Also, contrary to popular belief, the exact order of keywords doesn’t matter to google. Have you ever noticed that when you type in something to search in google that google comes up with articles that are not an exact match to your search? That’s evidence right there. The keywords will be in the articles in some place, but not necessarily in the exact order you searched, and not even all the words you searched will be in the articles on page one!

So using your keywords in different ways, different orders, in different articles is fine, and it even helps. Because that makes your blogging look more natural and less spammy.

Also using synonyms of your main keywords in your articles also helps and makes it seem much more natural than using the exact keyword phrase in every article.

Here is a link to a really cool video you should watch about the truth about SEO:

And check out the rest of Becker’s tips on He is an SEO master.

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2 Responses to 'Problems with Google? This Will Help'

  1. Marloes says:

    Great post, and i totally agree for natural back linking, but your tip about Becker is doubtful because his service is not about natural linking, he is selling automated backlinking service. But is is proving with his seminars, that you can rank without content, very interesting to see, but on the long term you can not fool Google, so writing good content, will deliver natural back links.

    • Lisha says:

      I agree that first and foremost you should be offering good content. Then doing multiple types of SEO behind-the-scenes is best. Not simply going with source-wave service. Adding a plethora of tactics is best so that no matter what happens you won’t be banned or slapped. As the saying goes, “Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket”.

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