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Social Media for Small Business

This is a guest post by Kumar.

Social media isn’t just for big business, it’s also a great way to get exposure as a growing small or medium sized company. Whether you have 100 fans or 10,000 on Facebook, 100 or 10,000 followers on Twitter, there’s a lot that can be done to get some brand awareness. Take the company Ace Case ( as an example. They are utilizing seasonal posts, vying for engagements with appropriate questions, and keeping it short and simple on their social media accounts. These three tips can go a long way in growing your own business’s exposure.

Seasonal Posts

Any holiday that is recognized by your state or national government is safe to talk about on social media. What I like about Ace Case is that they aren’t afraid to come out and say “Merry Christmas.” While some would caution against it citing political correctness, the company probably earned more respect and brownie points from customers at large than the few who “could” take offense. Other seasonal posts include your typical holidays like Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day, but you should also consider things like the company’s birthday as well.

Vying for Engagements

Posting your weekly advertisement on your social media page is “okay.” But asking a question that is sure to get some engagements is much better. For example, if you had a cell phone company asking whether users liked Apple or Samsung better would surely get people to comment. If you have a pizza company asking what a fan’s favorite toppings are would also get some comments. There’s a lot of ways to get engagements, but regardless of how you get them remember that the more engagements you get the more people actually see your post. Facebook has a newsfeed rating system called “EdgeRank.” If your post only has 3 likes, chances are it will only be seen by 5% of your audience. But if your post gets more than 1 like per minute in its infancy you’re going to get some viral action. The more people who see your post the more people who know about your brand of course. This includes friends of friends who are fans of your page.

Keeping it Short

Writing 200 word posts is the surest way to prevent engagement and exposure. Writing 1-2 sentences on the other hand, just like Twitters 90 character limit, is a great strategy on Facebook. For some reason, videos actually do poorly on Facebook, but pictures do amazing. That’s possibly why Facebook bought Instagram, and also why Pinterest is the fastest growing social media company in the world. Pictures will help you keep it short. Let the picture do the talking. Let the picture be your novelty. Show a picture of your product in use, show a picture of a situation that everyone can relate to. Show a picture of cats, dogs, or babies (and somehow relate it to your product.) It can’t hurt!


Write social media posts like a text message. Adding things like “:D” or “;)” actually create more statistical engagements!

Do you have any social media tips that work best for your business? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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