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7 Tips For Sharing Articles On Twitter

This is a guest post by Austin.

TwitterAs we all know that the popularity of Social Networking Sites is increasing day by day. There are numerous social sites but among those sites, the most important social sites which are in demand now-a-days. These three are-Twitter, Linked in and Facebook. Different users use these social networking sites for different purposes. Simple uses include making friends and connecting with family. Similarly, Business users use these social networking sites to advertise their product and services, for customer satisfaction, and to meet their goals or objectives with the advancement in growth, and optimize profit for their business.

About “Twitter”?

Twitter is an information network site which provides the SMS service to the users. There are some features like – For tweets the user can send messages of 140 characters using messaging function. For tweeting popular subject puts the # sign before subject name, similarly to reply put a @ sign before the twitter name. Another feature is, the updated status made by the users can be seen by everyone who linked in their network and many business users uses the twitter site for taking the advantage or benefit by doing online marketing to sell their product and services. Thus the Twitter site provides the beneficial opportunity for sharing the contents of articles, blogs, videos, photos and more.

7 Tips for sharing Articles on Twitter

  1. Articles should be meaningful
  2. Authorship Tweets
  3. Lead with a Question
  4. Tweet it the way it is
  5. Latest news
  6. Hash tags available on twitter
  7. Add the Comment key


Articles should be meaningful

This is the first and the most important tip of sharing the articles on twitter which means that the articles should be quick, useful, active, smooth and actionable so that the people like it and can get the useful information according to their needs.

Authorship Tweets

The second tip indicates the profession of writing or an individual who has made an intellectual
contribution in writing of an effective contents. The author is the source of piece of writing, reviewing, music or art.

Lead with a question

It indicates that while writing articles on twitter user should generate more and more questions so that the people can follow up with the additional answers which create curiosity among them to know the answers.

Tweet it the way it is

This means that people should know about the exact features of tweeting the contents on twitter. Moreover, the people should share the correct contents of articles on twitter rather than sharing meaningless or useless contents.

Latest News

People used to focus more on the latest and new brand on breaking news, thus people like to know more about new and shiny things.

Hash tags available on twitter

The numerous Hash Tags are used for sharing job or career opportunities. These are- #careers, #CV, #employee, #business, #employer and so on.

Add the Comment Key

After completing the articles, at the end use the “Comment Key” for the feedback of the people or followers so that they can ask questions and put the comments to the articles.

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4 Responses to '7 Tips For Sharing Articles On Twitter'

  1. hey Austin,

    good article. It’d be great to see some concrete examples next to each tip or maybe a mini case study on some – to give further ideas and inspiration


  2. Jungo says:

    Nice article indeed.Thank for the great share!!!

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