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Optimize Your Twitter and Gain a Following

This is a guest post by Ilyse Kaplan.

twitterThere are several ways to build your brand, build brand partnerships, and inform the outside world about what is happening at your company. We have several outlets for Social Media but Twitter often feels like the most immediate.

Twitter can also be the most challenging form of Social Media to figure out. Some people are sought out on Twitter but for a new company, writer, or anyone just starting to build an on-line presence the idea of building your presence can be daunting.

I’d like to share some helpful hints that have gained me followers and keep my network growing. The two most important things I have learned are to follow for a follow and to interact. Read ahead to find out why.

Follow for a Follow

The best way to gain followers is by following people, but make sure you are staying within Twitter’s regulations. This doesn’t mean you follow anyone, they must be relevant to you, especially to get a follow back.

To gain followers for my own company, I look for SEO blogs who have many followers such as SEO Moz. If someone is interested in SEO Moz, they are probably interested in SEO and would therefore have interest in following my Twitter.

Oftentimes when you follow someone they will be curious to see who has followed them and look at your page, if you have information relevant to them they will give you a follow back! I have tripled my followers since using this method and I stand by it.


Once you have followers, you must keep them engaged. For this I say, interact. If someone tweets something you like, retweet them. If you gain a new follower, @ reply and thank them. This keeps your followers engaged and more likely to pay attention to what you are posting.

If you want to get noticed and retweeted by someone with thousands of followers to get noticed, you should post selections from their blog and @ them to let them know you enjoyed it.

Another great way to interact is to pose questions to your followers, for instance “what would you like to see me post on my blog this week?” You can also respond to questions posed by those you follow on Twitter. You can also look for live chats to participate in. lists weekly live Twitter chats in each given field.

I have confidence that in following these hints you will be able to optimize your Twitter in order to gain the following you desire and get your name out to the Twitterverse.

About the Author

Ilyse Kaplan wrote this awesome article. For more helpful Social Media and SEO hints visit us at

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