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Quality is King in Social Media

This is a guest post by Sonia.

social mediaThere was a time when social media was a novel way for customers and businesses to connect, and people were so enamored with the idea of getting tweets and Facebook coupons from their local businesses that they would follow any shop that put up a social media account. In those heady days, it hardly mattered whether your social media communications were any good or not. People would follow your business’s social media presence simply because it was the cool new thing to do.

But those days are gone. By now, customers expect every single business out there to have a Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and three other social media profiles besides, and there’s nothing novel or interesting about your brand putting up its own profiles. That means to connect with customers, your social media communications have to be high quality and interesting. And that’s a step many businesses forget.

As Speed Increases, Quality Falls

One reason that companies often have frivolous or uninteresting social media presences is because it’s so fast and easy to use social media. There is no charge for using them, it takes virtually no time to publish your content, and you can post new information as often as you want. The result is that businesses breeze through the process of writing updates, and then their content falls flat.

Don’t let the ease of social media lull you into complacency. You have to be thoughtful, creative, and meticulous about shaping your company’s social presence. Every tweet should be clever and catchy and strike a chord. Same goes for Tumblr posts, Facebook notes, and anything else you post.

Don’t Stop Thinking

You can take advantage of the flexibility of social media to make your message even better. Since communications in this medium are usually short and simple, you can devote your spare time to thinking up clever quips and ideas, and then publish them on the go. If you do publish while out of the office, just remember that you should use a VPN service to protect information sent over your internet connection.

If you give social media the time and attention it deserves, it truly can be the publicity goldmine it has been hyped into. But if you don’t give the medium its due, odds are your company will fade into the clamor just like it would in any other venue. Standing out is critical for a business, whether online or off.

About the Author

Veronica Clyde is a dedicated writer at – a website where you can read about VPN services and Online Security. She also loves to share VPN technology, WordPress and Blogging tips.

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