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TweetAdder Keeps Crashing: Solutions to Keep TweetAdder from Crashing

TweetAdderMany people use TweetAdder to manage their own twitter accounts, and some help manage other people’s twitter accounts as well. After learning a lot about Twitter and how to use it successfully, I decided to start helping others manage their twitter accounts as well, mainly small online businesses. TweetAdder has been super helpful, but now that I have over 100 accounts running on TweetAdder, things started getting a little crazy, i.e. it kept crashing. So I had to do a little research and problem solving, and I came up with some great solutions that have proven to work great!

Well, when you have a lot of accounts running on TweetAdder, it is more likely to crash because the system is on overload. There are a few tricks I’ve discovered that will keep TweetAdder from being overloaded at any given time, and thus keep it from crashing, and keep it working for you. So, for anyone who is having problems with tweetadder crashing, this is what I advise, and it should help stop the crashing:

1. Go into each user and go to Settings and change the “update followers and following list” to every 650 to 750 minutes. This will make it update each account only about twice a day rather than twice an hour!

2. I was having problems with tweetadder always crashing around midnight. I’d be watching tv and come back to my computer before going to bed and see that tweetadder had crashed. To solve this problem, go to Settings again for each account, and change the time settings for “Only run automated tasks between:”. Once you have a lot of accounts on tweetadder, you need to change the accounts to start running at different times. So if you normally run them 24/7, all accounts start trying to do stuff again at midnight. This overloads tweetadder so it crashes. So don’t have more than 25 accounts start at midnight (first 25 accounts you can just leave that box unchecked and it will run 24/7, starting all processes at midnight. Then set the second set of 25 accounts to run from 12:05pm to 11:55pm. Then set the next 25 to run from 12:10pm to 11:55pm, and so on. I just have all of my accounts end at 11:55pm. This does not pose a problem.

3. If you ever have to turn tweetadder and/or your computer off, if you have a lot of accounts running on tweetadder, turn most of the accounts to OFF first before you close tweetadder. If you have a lot of accounts and all of your accounts are set as ON when you close tweetadder, when you restart tweetadder, it will try to login all of them at almost the same time which overloads tweetadder and causes it to crash. Yes it’s annoying to go through and turn off all accounts, and then turn them all back on again, but this is why I’d suggest to keep tweetadder and your computer on all the time and only close tweetadder when absolutely necessary. Also you can put tweetadder on VPS so you can have your computer freed up so you can shut it down when you’re not using it.

4. Sometimes Tweetadder crashes very soon after you open/start it. This is most likely because too many accounts are logging in too soon after one another. To solve this, click “Settings” at the top menu bar of tweetadder (between “Registration” and “Activity”). Change “Time delay between account logins” from 3 to 6 seconds TO 5 to 8 seconds. This way when you have to re-open tweetadder, there will be a couple more seconds in between logins, so it will be less likely to crash.

If anyone else has TweetAdder tips or problems, please feel free to list them in the comments.

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10 Responses to 'TweetAdder Keeps Crashing: Solutions to Keep TweetAdder from Crashing'

  1. Garrett says:

    We noticed that there was a crash of TweetAdder every time we opened or closed an application that would call on the internet.

    We are trying 2 things…

    on one machine we are using virtual desktops, keeping internet apps on one, TA on one, and anything else on a third… TA has been running smoothly with only one crash in a week. We are only in the 3rd week so not sure how definite this is. For virtual desktops, we are using Dexpot.

    on another machine, which was being used for anything and is older, we dedicated it to TA… same results…

    what’s the record of TA on a VPS? still crashes? anyone heard or tried TA on a VPS?

    • Lisha says:

      How many accounts are you running on Tweetadder? Did you try my tips above? They seemed to help a lot with me. Now I mainly just have problems if I turn tweetadder off and turn it back on. Or if I need to turn off my computer (then obviously tweetadder has to close too). Tweetadder has problems starting I think because too many accounts are on when I turn it off, so too many accounts are trying to log in all around the same time, so Tweetadder goes on overload and says it needs to close.

      I have another instance of tweetadder running on VPS and have not had it crash at all since I’ve put it on there (2 months). however, at the moment, I only have about 16 accounts on that tweetadder.

      p.s. anyone questioning why I have so many twitter accounts it’s because I manage people’s twitter accounts for them (they are not all mine, lol!)

  2. Viviane says:

    Thank you for your help. It seems it is not crashing anymore! More than 20 minutes now without interruptions! Bravo

    • Lisha says:

      lol! 20 minutes! Let’s hope for 20 days! 🙂

      I actually had about 3 weeks with no crashes, I was very pleased. Yesterday and today tweetadder crashed for me for some reason.

  3. Blaine says:

    What I want to know is why the hell do you sell multiple licenses where you can have lots of twitter accounts if the thing crashes when you have too many – that is the worst marketing I have ever heard of – giving me tricks to get around what you are trying to sell. Fix the problem….

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Blaine, that is a good question, but I actually don’t have more problems with lots of accounts on tweetadder if I just change some of the settings. The problem is not with the program, but any software that is overloaded too heavily all at once will not work properly. So if you have hundreds of accounts, you have to make it so all the accounts aren’t trying to do stuff all at the same time. That’s why I created this post, because changing some of the default settings really helps make tweetadder run more smoothly. Also, wasn’t sure if you knew, but just to clarify, I am not the owner, developer, or creator of tweetadder. I just use tweetadder.

  4. Hey Lisha. Great Post! Thanks for the suggestions. I just implemented them, so I don’t know how well they will work on my system. But if they don’t, I’ll let you know. 😉

    Just a question though: What is preventing you from using #4 as a solution to #3? I only operate 3 Twitter accounts, so I’m not affected, but it seems logical that having each account log in with a greater delay would prevent you from needing to turn off accounts.

    In regards to #4, I would set the time delay based on the speed of your Computer. For me, this would be a trial & error thing until I felt comfortable with the system. My thought is that older computers should have a longer Time Delay – say 8 to 10 seconds – between logins. Whereas a newer, or faster, computers can probably handle shorter time delays – say 3 to 6 seconds – between logins.

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Robert. I hope these tips help you! And yes, actually, #4 is a solution to #3, but if you’re not doing #4, you should at least do #3. But #4 is easier to implement and it’s only a one time thing, so that’s the best way to go. Also, I wrote tips number 1, 2, and 3, and added #4 later after I figured out that would help as well.. So yeah, If you’re going to choose between doing number 3 or 4, I highly recommend doing #4 😉

      And I agree with you about the time delay settings. Older or slower computers should probably have a longer time delay between logins. Maybe a really fast computer does just fine with 3-6 seconds. Mine works very well at 5-8 seconds 🙂

  5. farhad says:

    I’m using tweetAdder v 3 but when i search in arabic words, the result in nothing. is tweetAdder incampatible with UTF8 or arabic letters?
    what’s the solution?

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