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Blogging for Businesses – 4 Mistakes you don’t want to make

This is a guest post by Austin Richard.

blogging for businessHumans make mistakes. If a person doesn’t make mistakes, we can deny the fact that they are human. Humans can make mistakes with anything and blogging is no different. Many businesses, mostly small ones, use blogging for many purposes. However, businesses are not flawless (businesses are made of people) so they too make mistakes and they too have to deal with them. Here are some mistakes that businesses should avoid when blogging and maintaining a blog for their readers/potential customers.

1. Mistaking a blog for a free advertising service

This is a mistake that most small companies make. Many small companies mistake a blog for a free advertising service and use it in that way. A blog is a place where an individual or a company can discuss things and express their point of view. A blog is not to be used as a place where a company or a business can advertise their products and/or services. A person must use a blog in the way it is meant to be because no one would like to come back to a blog everyday just to read about a company’s products and their services.

2. Not maintaining the blog

There is no point of having and keeping a blog when a person or a company cannot maintain it. No one likes to come back to a blog just to find that there are no new posts and there is no new content available for them to read. A person must be able to interest the readers with the content they publish and that is why they need to frequently publish content. A person or a company alike should always maintain a blog and post frequently.

3. Creating content that is irrelevant

No company would want to make this mistake because this mistake can make them lose a lot of readers. That is because when a blog has content that is irrelevant to the topic or the theme of the blog, the readers that are there to read that very content will go off. This will result in the company owning the blog losing a lot of readers and a lot of popularity for that matter. It is essential that companies and individuals create content that is relevant to the subject in question with respect to their blog.

4. Not giving the readers what they want

Any company or any individual owning a blog should always do what majority says, even if it means bending the rules a bit. A company should always give the readers what they ask for, provided that many, many readers ask for it. That is essential because if a company fails to do that, it will result in the company losing a lot, a lot of readers and no company wants that to happen. Companies should host polls on their blogs to ensure that what they provide is what their readers want.

About the Author

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6 Responses to 'Blogging for Businesses – 4 Mistakes you don’t want to make'

  1. Jungo says:

    I personally think number 2 is the most annoying thing to come across when you visit a good blog with nothing new for more than 2 months -unless there’s a valid reason (laziness is not valid). For creative writers maintaining a blog would be an exception.

    • Lisha says:

      I agree. I think what happens is people’s priorities change. They started the blog and they wrote a lot for awhile, but then other things became more of a priority, therefore they began to write less and less posts and eventually just stop. This makes you seem unpredictable and not very reliable, so if you have a business blog, you really should try to stay consistent.

  2. Bill Bertha says:

    I agree, what I have found working from home that most people just don’t have the drive to keep up with what they need to stay on top of to make things happen.

    • Lisha says:

      Yeah, it can get very overwhelming. If you’re planning on working from home, you need to make sure you stay focused, have a plan, and not spread yourself too thin.

  3. Blog Writing says:

    Not maintaining your blog is one mistake that some are doing. If you want your blog to have enough visitors and readers you need to maintain it, update blog post and interact with the readers.

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