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Top 10 Tips on How to Email Market Effectively

This is a guest post by Marjorie Salmerón.

Nowadays, anyone with a website or a social media account such as Facebook, is told that it’s not enough just to have visitors or fans, but that “the money’s in the list”. Of course, an email list is what they are referring to–yet most of us have no idea how to email market effectively to even take advantage of such a list!

In this article, I will review some techniques and tricks of the trade that I’ve learned along the way, as to how to email market and get results.

Top 10 Tips on How to Email Market Effectively

The first step in learning how to email market effectively is getting to know your audience.Tip #1: Know your audience. A targeted email list is always going to give you more results and a responsive audience, than a cheap or freebie list that you bought somewhere. Whatever product it is that you intend to sell to your list, make sure that it’s a product that fits the niche of your targeted audience. This is key when learning how to email market effectively.

If you buy or rent an email list that is from a blog about healthy living (for example), don’t expect that they’ll buy video game software from you.

Tip #2: Email your promotion under the list owner’s name. How often do you open emails by people whose names you don’t recognize? When learning how to email market productively, the first step is relying on the trust that your email audience has with the list owner. Not only is this going to increase your chances of the targeted list opening your email, but it is also practically guaranteeing that it’s not going directly to the spam folder.

Step 3 in learning how to email market effectively is using intriguing subject lines that will make the reader want to open the email.Tip #3: Use a provocative, intriguing, subject line. Who knew subject lines could be sexy, right? The next step in learning how to email market effectively is to write a subject line that will entice the reader to open the email. This is crucial, because if the reader doesn’t open the email, you won’t make any sales!

Subject line examples:
Tantalizing Subject Lines

So what’s the common theme here? Just ask yourself if it’s a subject line that would make YOU open it. Rifle through your spam folder to get an idea of some good subject lines, and if any of them intrigue you, USE THEM! If you’re serious about learning how to email market effectively, take a little bit of time to study good marketing techniques, and then incorporate them into your style.

If used appropriately, emotion, humor, personality, current events, pop culture, etc. in your headlines can be captivating and intriguing enough to make many of your subscribers open the email. For more ideas on good subject lines, Yahoo News is also a good site to browse, as are bestsellers. Both styles give you an intriguing tidbit in their headlines, but then make you click or buy the novel to read more.

Learn how to email market effectively by telling an engaging story that readers will be able to identify with.Tip #4: Wrap the body of your email in a story. Whether you’re emailing a rented list that will only see your message once, or you’re emailing your own list multiple times, the key is for the reader to be able to identify with you. Being able to relate to the reader is essential when learning how to email market effectively.

How do you do this? Be yourself, and write like you’re telling someone a story. Play out a conversation in your head, and write it down. Talk about a moment in life that changed you—an “ah ha” moment, a time when you were destitute and overcame obstacles, or a period when whatever it is you’re marketing, positively impacted your life. If you know your reader and what interests the email list represents, you will be able to get inside your audience’s head, and they will be able to relate to you.

Tip #5: Be yourself. This is not as important when you’re emailing a rented list for one time only. Branding yourself, however, is very crucial when you’re learning how to email market a list that you have compiled over time. If you’re selling a product, the majority of your list won’t buy it until they a) like you, and b) trust you.

Like and trust = good rapport, and a loyal list. If they see that you’re a regular person just like them, you will create a faithful audience.

Step 6 in learning how to email market effectively is being informal with your readers, to emphasize that you’re not a stranger invading their inbox!Tip #6: Be informal. Starting every email off by saying: “You are receiving this email message because you opted in to learn more about….”just emphasizes the fact that you are a stranger invading their inbox.

If you want to learn how to email market and get results, treat your list as if they were your friends: “Hey there! Marjorie here…” is a very casual, friendly way to start off an email message.

Tip #7: Use lots of white space. Have you ever received an email that made you crank your head back and forth from one end of the screen to another, like a typewriter? It’s awkward, and makes reading the email a hassle.

Learn how to email market
effectively by making use of
white space.

Write a few lines together,
consisting of just one or
two sentences, skip a line.

And then write some more sentences.

Now tell me, is that easier on the eye, than just reading a bunch of words all smashed together, that cross the entire page and make email reading hurt your neck?

Learn how to email market effectively by catching your reader’s eye with targeted punctuation.Tip #8: Put emphasis where emphasis is needed. Another element of how to email market effectively is the use of underlines, italics, CAPITALIZATION, [brackets], bold words, —–>, and highlights. Don’t overdo it, but use these things sparingly to place emphasis where you want to catch the reader’s eye (ie, the Call to Action).

The trick of how to email market and get results is to space your call to action out 3 separate times.Tip #9: The Call to Action. Last but not least, one of the most important parts of how to email market and get results is the Call to Action. This is when you tell the reader what to do (and yes, you do want to tell them). People’s biggest mistake, after a beautiful, compelling, I relate to you story, is NOT HAVING a Call to Action, and ASSUMING that the reader knows what to do.

Don’t assume anything, and don’t put in just one call to action. The trick of how to email market effectively is to space out your call to action three separate times. Start your call to action near the middle of your email, continue on with your story, place your call to action again, continue on, and then once you sign your email, end it with another call to action!

Some of your audience will have already decided halfway through that they want to click, whereas others may need more coaxing and more story-telling before they respond. Some of them even wait until the very end before they click, but if you spread your call to action out 3 times throughout your email, you will double your results.

Tip #10: Track your opens & clicks. Tracking your marketing is just as important as placing effective and multiple calls to action. The last step in learning how to email market effectively is to NOT RUN BLIND and track your emails. This is the only way you can improve them and tweak them. And if you’re sending out a pilot test before paying for an entire email list, it’s essential that you know how the audience is responding.

Emails that are unopened mean you have to tweak the subject line. No clicks mean you need to tweak the body. Through Aweber you can manage both these things and monitor the effectiveness of your email marketing.

Lastly, try to have fun with this and appreciate that you can learn from your mistakes. The key in learning how to email market effectively is patience, perseverance, and turning it into a daily habit.

About the Author

Marjorie SalmeronMarjorie Salmerón is a mom blogger, online entrepreneur, wife, nurse, and health activist. After a long, debilitating illness, and eventual recovery, she left nursing in the every day sense, and now dedicates her time to working online, helping others, and being with her family. If you’re interested in furthering your online career and discovering what Marjorie does, or would like more tips and tricks such as the ones presented in this article, you can find her here: Meet Marjorie or message Marjorie here. She is also at her health & awareness blog:

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2 Responses to 'Top 10 Tips on How to Email Market Effectively'

  1. Dragan Palla says:

    I must admit e-mail list is an enigma for me. Somehow it’s not increasing as I wanted. I don’t understand what people get with paid list – it’s hard to expect someone will buy from paid list. Maybe I’m wrong.
    This is something I definitely need to work out.
    Thanks for the great tips.


    • Lisha says:

      I don’t see how people make money with paid lists either. Personally, I don’t see how people make money with lists of people who have opted in! lol! But that’s just me. I’m not huge with email marketing and I’m also not the type of person to buy something from someone even if I am on their list… I guess I’m the type of person email marketers hate, lol.

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