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Top Ten Social Media Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

This is a guest post by Roy Fernandez.

social SEOSocial media promotion is certainly the preeminent viral marketing method currently due to its tremendous positive impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If you’re looking to quickly enhance your search engine rating, you would do well to adopt the ensuing 10 social media tactics forthwith:

1. Harness Newer Approaches

Social media promotion, like all modern marketing concepts, is also constantly evolving to include more elements in its fold. Therefore along with conventional choices like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn you now have blogs, webinars, and online forums too being part of the social networking sphere. Including these fresh elements in your marketing thrust (for instance – by starting a products-related blog) will definitely lead to improved visibility and better online reputation.

2. Disseminate Positive Social Signals

Social signaling – especially through popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus – is the hallmark of social networking. Social signals comprise likes, tweets, and plus ones that are executed by users to indicate their appreciation for specific content. Recent surveys show that famed search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo refer to the volume of social signals while assessing ratings.

3. Ally With Influential Partners

You need the services of reputable aides and partners to help garner high search engine ratings. These partners can assist you in the following important ways:

a) They can host information about your products and services via a content sharing agreement.
b) The partners can agree to share bookmarks and links.

The more well-known and influential your proposed partner, the better will be your SEO success.

4. Concentrate On Keywords and Inbound Links

Keyword and inbound link management are core facets of a good SEO campaign. When you have keywords that are unique, persuasive, and representative of popular opinion you are bound to attract ameliorated search engine ratings. Likewise if you succeed in procuring excellent inbound links to your social and online portals, you’ll definitely witness higher visibility.

5. Study Search Statistics

Research plays a key role in boosting search ranking prospects. When you have intensely studied visitors’ behavior, gauged their preferences, and identified the most-favored keywords via search trends, you’ll be in a better position to fulfill content requirements. This will indubitably result in enhanced online recognition.

6. Vary and Beautify Your Content

Do not limit your content to text and images only; accentuate your social appeal by employing various media like videos, podcasts, sound clips, infographics, and flash content. This will inject your virtual offerings with vitality and versatility resulting in improved search rankings too.

7. Publicize Your Reviews

Positive word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire in the online sphere. Therefore aim to distribute cheerful appraisals of your products and services to the maximum number of people through Facebook, Twitter, autonomous web critiques, and other options. These measures will surely see your search ratings rise further.

8. Promote Your Brand Aggressively

Your brand name – along with accompanying elements like your logo, catchword, and chief product – is your calling card. Hence you should run a special brand marketing operation to boost your search rankings; for this you may publicize your logo, post your offerings on image sharing portals, or even market your banners.

9. Don’t Ignore Your Business Platforms

Pay adequate attention to your business platforms like company blogs, Facebook pages, and newsrooms. This will broaden your marketing base, strengthen your online relations, and appeal to genuinely interested parties such as buyers, analysts, and suppliers. The upshot will be a significantly higher search ranking.

10. Connect More With Your Audience

Search engine ratings depend highly on public perception and visibility. The more you please your readers, the greater they will recommend you on their online exchanges and the higher your enterprise will figure in search engine stakes. Thus attempt to woo your readers by communicating with them regularly through means like comments, podcasts, and webinars.

About the Author

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2 Responses to 'Top Ten Social Media Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings'

  1. Jungo says:

    Good post for the novice, and reminder for those whom had forgotten how to increase their search engine rankings.

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