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10 Common Mistakes of Blogging

This is a guest post by Michael.

Who does not want to increase their blog’s traffic? It is every bloggers aim and goal to increase the traffic to their blog. However, in the process of doing so they might some common mistakes and ultimately the traffic will never increase because of the mistakes they make. Here are 10 common mistakes that you must avoid committing.

1. Not posting enough content

These days many people own a blog, some run a blog as a hobby. They pursue their hobby when they have free time. Doing so will not attract enough traffic as readers will only be attracted to your blog if you post content regularly. There is a direct connection between the frequency of posting and traffic drawn to your blog.

2. Over posting

As much as irregular posting is a mistake so is over posting. It is better to focus on writing just once in a day than overstuff your blog with content which might disgust or annoy the readers and you will lose traffic. So write only once in a day or 4-5 times/week.

3. Lengthy posts

Long posts will only bore your readers as they will not have the patience to completely read the article. So, the message you want to convey through your post will not be conveyed to the reader completely. So keep your blogs posts short and sweet. A good post should be less than 500 words. If you want to post a lengthy one then at least include subtitles to break it up a bit. This helps keep the reader engaged. Also keep in mind that lengthy posts should not include any fluff and really should only include tons of awesome in-depth information.

4. Uninviting engagement

If you do not engage your readers then that’s a big mistake. You must engage them with comments, social media mentions etc. Use online tools to measure your engagement. Try ending your blog posts with a question so that viewers have something to respond to.

5. Not participating in conversation

If you post content on your blog and do not respond to the comments your viewers make on the content then it will create and impression of being rude. You will gradually lose viewers if you keep doing it, so post comments and respond to your viewers.

6. Inaccessible content

If you post long content that does not connect to the reader they will lose interest and leave your blog. So make the content more accessible to the readers, provide articles that would attract them by including popular keywords, subtitles, bullet points etc.

7. Boring titles or headings

A average of 8/10 people will read the headline of a post, and only 2/10 will continue reading the content. So if your post does not have a catchy headline to grab hold of the attention of the readers, they will not read the content.

8. Weak first paragraph

The next best thing to title is the introductory paragraph. This is what gives the reader an idea of what the rest of your post will be like. If you fail to write a good one, you will lose the readers.

9. Off-brand posts

If you are a serious blogger trying to build traffic then you must focus on the brand you are promoting to get high traffic but if you do not do so and wander off then you will lose your traffic or will not attract new traffic.

10. You talk about yourself too much

Unless you are a hot shot celebrity then readers will not give a damn about you. They will not read if you post something about yourself as they will think it is a waste of time. So focus on value-driven informational posts rather about you or you will not get any traffic. However, it is a good idea to include personal stories from time to time so your audience can connect with you.

So, avoid all these mistakes and try posting better and better articles, and you will see more traffic coming to your site.

About the Author

This post was written by Michael Gocia. Find More Tips at List of Blogs about Blogging.

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2 Responses to '10 Common Mistakes of Blogging'

  1. Jungo says:

    As a reader I don’t mind lengthy posts even if it is boring. It’s all in the design. If the site is well designed and easy on the reader’s eyes I will read it (e.g. two column post with pagination ). Number 10 is a big nagative for me; unless it’s a personal blog with an interesting point of view, but for a niche blog I won’t waste my time. Reason for this is because a lot of bloggers seem to brag instead of educate

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