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Why Should an SEO Look for Business Offline?

This is a guest post by Bright and Local.

Whether you are a freelance SEO or you are working for an agency within the industry, you will be under no illusions as to just how competitive the industry is. A quick Google search for SEO companies brings up almost 63 million results. Most SEOs will talk about the importance of reaching page one of the search results, and throw out the statistics about 90% or more of browsers clicking a link on this page. Naturally, hitting the first page in such a competitive industry is difficult, especially as you can expect SEO businesses to have some great processes and practices in place to try and ensure they are always ranking near the top. That said, you do not need us to tell you that 63 million into ten page one listings doesn’t go.

While SEO should obviously be a part of a search professional’s strategy, there are many reasons why they would be well advised to look offline, too. What are they?

Lack of Online Activity

If a business doesn’t have a website or an SEO campaign, they aren’t likely to be using any other online mediums, or looking on the internet for assistance. This is when you need to go looking for business yourself.

The big thing here is to do your research first. If a stranger just turned up on your doorstep and said, “You need to pay me to sort out your marketing” you’d send them away rather quickly. Find out where a business is advertising, roughly what they are spending, and them contrast with what you can do.

People Look Elsewhere

It might seem ironic that a person looking for an online service would look in a marketing trade magazine, for example, but they do.

Part of the reason they do this is because they know how competitive the search results are. If a company ranks well in search, then great. However, if they have extended their marketing and are still using a wide range of platforms to find customers, they appear a better bet.

Advertising offline in selected areas can show that you have a good mind for diverse marketing, and don’t just relentlessly pursue one path.

Less Noise

As more people advertise online to a greater extent than ever before, there will be ‘less noise’ from advertising offline.

Moving on from the point above, if people are looking elsewhere, there is a chance that you might well be the only SEO featured in the local magazine, for example, and so competition there will be non-existent, unlike in the search engines where you have 63 million sites to take on.

Don’t Shun SEO

We’re not saying shun your own SEO campaign. Such is the intensity of competition that you might only make it to page three, for example, but are you a credible SEO if you don’t put the effort in yourself?

You probably know the answer to that question.

While online marketing is the future to which we are all headed, offline marketing should not be forgotten, and even for specialised online industries such as SEO, it can prove a great source from which to find and attract new business.

About the Author

The team at Bright Local have brought you this guest post, and are specialist providers of local SEO tools.

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