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5 Ways to Create Great Blog Content

This is a guest post by Alex Theis.

Ever have trouble coming up with blog content? Does the thought of consistently blogging every week or several times a week keep you from starting a blog? Here are a few tips to help make sure you always have great, relevant content for your blog.

Write several blogs at once

Set aside time to write multiple blogs at once. It can be easier to write when you’re on a roll. This can be really helpful if you don’t like writing every day or if you’re up against a deadline. Create a stockpile of blogs you can go to anytime, especially on those days when you’re not so inspired or lacking time.

Be open – content is everywhere

Keep your ears and eyes open and you will find blog content. Put yourself in situations where you can observe people and content will appear. Be on the lookout for great stories, interactions, and lessons and you will find them. My favorite places to come up with blog content are coffee shops, airports, planes, and any kind of event.

Spark your imagination by absorbing others’ work

My friend Mark Henson recently wrote a great blog about an experience he had while ordering coffee. This sparked an idea in me. Within a week, I sat in a Starbucks and was able to write several blogs that morning. Need ideas? Read a few blogs, listen to a podcast, or watch an inspiring video. After you do, be sure to give credit to your inspirer by linking back to their material from your blog.

Share something you learned through failure or a mistake

We all make mistakes, so this can become a great source of blog ideas. Sharing a lesson learned from something that didn’t go well will create empathy with your readers. It will also show humility and help others avoid making the same errors.

Tell people how to do something

I have been blessed with so many great lessons in my life, I feel obligated to share them. Embrace the fact that you are an expert at many things and can impart this valuable knowledge with others. Whether you explain how SEO works, how to build a fountain, how to make great salsa, or how to come up with more blog content, there are people who can benefit from your experiences.

About the Author

Alex Theis is a speaker, coach, and sales executive living in San Diego. You can read his blog at and catch up with him on Twitter @AlexTheis.

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2 Responses to '5 Ways to Create Great Blog Content'

  1. JC says:

    Great tips Alex, I use the first point often since my mind is always all over the place!

  2. himanshu says:

    I think the fact behind great blog is that more the unique content you write more is the value you add to your blog and hence making reeaders believe in you.

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