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5 Ways to Fight Writer’s Block to Keep Blogging

This is a guest post by Ilyse Kaplan.

The key to a great blog that keeps readers engaged is consistency. As you start building an audience, they expect to see continuous quality content being produced, why bother reading otherwise? This is why some of the most successful blogs produce new content daily. Of course, even without daily content, you can still be successful, but consistency is key. Even the best bloggers occasionally struggle with what to write. Here are some tips to get you past the blogger’s block in order to keep writing.

1. Find Inspiration in Other Blogs

Sometimes the best way to get over the writer’s block hurdle is to find inspiration from other blogs in your industry. I don’t mean by copying their exact content. Perhaps reading through recent posts, you will realize something they have been missing. You may even read a post that sparks another thought in your head and encourages you to write. These are all positive outcomes of seeking inspiration from other blogs. If you are still stuck for inspiration, another way to get inspired from another blog is to write a response post to one of their posts. If you go this route, remember to site and quote from the original post in your new post.

2. Ask for Reader Feedback

At a certain point, your blog becomes as much about your audience as it is about you. If you are stuck on what to write, a great way to engage your audience and come up with a great post idea is to ask your audience what they want to hear. You can go about this in two ways: you can reach out to your audience via a blog post or social media asking what posts they would like to see on your blog, or you could have your readers ask questions for you to answer in a post. It makes for an interesting post while engaging your readers even more than usual!

3. Exercise

Yes, this tip involves stepping away from your computer for a bit, but sometimes that is necessary. Taking 30 minutes to go for a walk or run will get you fresh air and keep your blood flowing. Plus, exercise produces endorphins which will help you focus and come up with more ideas. You will waste more time staring at a blank computer screen than if you take 30 minutes to step away, take your mind off blogging, and return to the blogging later. You would be surprised how well this method works!

4. Free Write

This exercise is used by many writers when they get stuck and can be employed just as well for blogging. When you get stuck, grab a notebook, set your timer for 5 minutes, and write continuously without stopping. You want to stick to a topic that is relevant to your blog. Since you are writing without stopping, the result probably won’t be useable for your blog but you can re-work what you wrote to fit. You can also use the free write simply as inspiration.

5. Inspiration Within Your Own Work

Another way to find inspiration is by looking within your own blog. Going through past posts can help you get an idea of what your blog may be missing. You can also see what posts were most popular with readers and write another post like that. Did they most enjoy technical posts or creative posts? You can also get a feel for what you have been writing too much of and re-focus your energy on something else. Maybe it would also allow you to remember what posts you most enjoyed writing. After all, what better inspiration is there than yourself?

About the Author

I’m Ilyse Kaplan. I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to fight writer’s block, now get back to writing! For more tips and tricks visit

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5 Responses to '5 Ways to Fight Writer’s Block to Keep Blogging'

  1. Jungo says:

    “You want to stick to a topic that is relevant to your blog. Since you are writing without stopping, ” when free writing you should never stick a particular topic. In this case, a topic relevant to a blog. You should just write, and allow the muse to do what it does best. This just my opinion. Great post with great tips.

    • Lisha says:

      Hey Jungo, yeah I think it depends on the person. Doing what works best for you is obviously the best. But if you might want your free-write to turn into a blog post, it might be a good idea to at least stick somewhat to the theme of your blog. If you are just free-writing to get the juices flowing, then by all means you should just write out whatever comes to your head 🙂

  2. Dean Saliba says:

    I thoroughly agree with your point about checking out other blogs for inspiration, when I’m stuck for an idea I will simply have a look through the list of blogs on my RSS feeder and it NEVER fails to give me a handful of ideas.

    • Lisha says:

      I agree, that is definitely one of the easiest, quickest, and best ways to get good inspiration on what to write about 🙂

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