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TweetAdder4 Now to Replace TweetAdder3

TweetAdder4 was released on April 26th.

For those of you that used TweetAdder3 (TA3), you probably used the following/unfollowing feature. It made it much easier to find the right people on twitter that are similar to you and interested in the same things as you. Or if you’re a business, it was great to find people who are interested in what you have to offer. And it saved you a lot of time in not having to manually follow those people.

And because of Twitter’s regulation to keep a low following to followers ratio, unfollowing is also required if you want to be able to follow more people once you are following more than 2000 people. So TA3 also helped save time because it automatically unfollowed those who didn’t follow back after so many days that you set.

Well, because of Twitter’s regulations, the TweetAdder team had to delete the automatic follow/unfollow feature. So they created TweetAdder4 (TA4). But there is still auto followback, because that is allowed by Twitter’s regulations.

Almost everything on TA4 is the same as TA3 (besides auto follow/unfollow being gone), and some improvements have even been made. You can still do recurring tweets, syndicate blogs’ rss feeds to be tweeted, retweet other users, and you can still do great searches to find the right people to follow or who you might want/need to unfollow. You simply have to click the follow button for each person you want to follow and click the unfollow button for each person you want to unfollow. This makes it a lot more time consuming, but the search aspects of TweetAdder4 are greatly improved compared to TA3.

I have had a problem with too many people who follow me who speak a language other than English. And I have my account follow back anyone who follows me. So I end up following many people who don’t tweet in English. This is not a problem except for the fact that I really only understand English. I know a little French and Spanish, but not fluently. And I definitely don’t understand any asian languages. Well, TA4 has a search to find all foreign accounts (note: first you have to select your own language at the bottom). Then you can click unfollow for any account where you don’t understand the language.

TA4 also has more detailed search results. You can see the profile image, the profile bio, the user’s last tweet, their location, their website, etc. It seems to be a lot more user friendly and more visually appealing as well.

For all TA3 users, you should know that TA3 will no longer work as of May 24th (and if anyone else has noticed, it actually hasn’t been working that great anyway lately).

If you already have TA3, you’re going to have to switch to TweetAdder4 by May 24th. There are no extra payments necessary if you have already purchased TA3. You simply use your same registration code that you had for TA3, and input it into TweetAdder4.

TweetAdder4 is already available for download. There are a few bugs that the TA is still trying to fix, but I don’t think that should stop you from downloading it now to see how it works for you, because then the TA team can get all the major bug fixes done by May 24th.

For me, rss syndication hasn’t been working on TA3 so it hasn’t been tweeting blog posts for me. But rss posts are working on TA4. So I am having TweetAdder3 do everything else until May 24th, but I also have TweetAdder4 with just the rss syndication turned on so all the blog posts are tweeted.

One of the major problems TweetAdder4 is having so far is that it doesn’t work with proxies yet, and they are working on getting that problem solved.

So you might as well download it now, give it a try, and contact support about any problems you’re having so they can get it fixed.

So, to be clear, TA4 does not and will never have auto follow/unfollow. TweetAdder3 will no longer work for anyone come May 24th.

Keep TweetAdder3 on your computer until May 24th, so you still have something reliable that works until they get all the bugs fixed for TA4.

R.I.P. TweetAdder3. As many of you know, I have always been a big fan and advocate of TA3. TA4 is great as well, so I will definitely continue to use it for tweeting, rss syndication, and retweeting accounts I like.

Please contact me if you’re sad that TA4 will not have the auto follow/unfollow feature. We (not TweetAdder, but a collaboration of TA customers) are working on a solution that will work well for people who, are NOT using twitter to spam, but simply need to be more efficient with following/unfollowing.

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