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4 Ways To Boost Facebook Shares to Maximize SEO and Get More Traffic

This is a guest post by Colton.

As social networks continue to grow in popularity, they are being more and more intertwined with the ranking of companies in Google’s search algorithm. As most people know by this point, Facebook’s new Graph Search function allows users to search their archives of people, places and things, but what other benefits does Facebook offer for a SEO standpoint?

It is unclear exactly what benefits Facebook shares offer for Google search (and it is known that Google+ +1’s offer a great value for ranking), but it is assumed that they have some factor of influence in the matter. So what’s the best way to make Facebook work for your SEO campaign? We’ll look at some ways to promote your content by using Facebook shares.

1. Be Consistent

If you have new content you are trying to promote, don’t expect to post it once on Facebook and have it gain 1,000 likes overnight (mind you, this is bound to happen sometimes, though.) Once it is on Facebook, talk about it on the social giant throughout the day, maybe even into tomorrow. This will get the fan base aroused around it and have the momentum grow. Consistently do this with all of you content, staggered out evenly throughout the day.

2. Timing is Key

Shares and likes are more likely to be substantial on the first post of the content, when the content has been out most recently. For this reason, it is important to time when you post that content on Facebook. Prime times are during normal work hours. A safe bet, and one that will garner great shares, is between 8 am and 2 pm. Some people believe that in the afternoon more people are apt to share things because they are too tired to post their own content. However, the choice is up to you.

3. Keep it Short

Twitter became popular from its short tweets that are quick to read. If you have an explanation for your content, having a short phrase for it will keep the attention of the viewers.

4. Urgency and a Call To Action

Why would someone share something that doesn’t spark his or her interest? They want to share content that they believe their followers or friends would also like to see. To do this, credit a call to action and ask them to pass along the content. It also helps to make a flashy image to go along with it. This goes in hand with many marketing techniques, from advertising online schools to the newest blouse at JCPenny’s. Urgency comes into play when they feel like the content is so good they need to share it immediately!

Try out a few of these tips and let us know in the comments the success you have!

About the Author

Colton is a Pennsylvania native writing about the world of Internet Marketing. His interests include social media, outdoor adventures, and chocolate. @ColtonTweetsToo

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