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3 Monetisation Methods You Might Not Have Thought Of That Can Make Your Site More Profitable

This is a guest post by Keith.

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If I had to blame one thing for the failure of the biggest number of websites, then it would have to be that people often tend to focus on the wrong things. Take promotion for instance: so many people will spend thousands a year promoting their site, or put hours of work in to get it to the top of the SERPs, but won’t think about how they are actually capitalising on that promotion.

Getting thousands of people to your website is all well and good, but it’s not the most important thing if you’re trying to build a successful and profitable site. Rather that honour goes to monetisation – in other words, what you do with those visitors once they get to your site. And this is what a lot of people forget to think about properly…

Consider this: you can have twenty thousand people coming to your website every day, or just one hundred. But if you make a few cents per person in the former case (as most sites with AdSense tend to do) versus a few dollars in the latter case, then the hundred visitors will be much better.

And while getting lots of visitors to your site is something you can help, it’s not something you can tightly control with any guarantee. On the other hand though, anyone can opt to start selling a new product – that’s something you can do immediately.

Here then we will look at some better monetisation methods that you might not have thought of and that you can use to immediately start making more money from your site…

Selling an Ebook:

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Ebook’s are perfect products to sell from a website because they’re completely free to produce with zero overheads. This means you can keep 100% of your profit, and you can even make this using the content already on your site (an easy eBook would be a simple collection of your site’s ‘top articles’). Create a landing page with some persuasive text, give away a free sample, and you’re ready to start making a lot of money!


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This is an old fashioned way of making money perhaps, but it’s still one that works and that many webmasters should consider. This is a brilliant way to make a steady income and you’d be surprised how easy it is to get someone to sign up when you’re only asking for a few dollars a month. Of course though you are going to need to offer something worth subscribing to in order to warrant the extra charge. If you have downloads that people are likely to want or questionnaires/web apps, or if you can genuinely claim to offer ground breaking news then you might be able to get away with that. Otherwise you’ll have to make your site really shine to be worth the money or somehow indispensable.

Different Advertising

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Of course you shouldn’t write off advertising altogether – making money from AdSense is still viable. Better yet though is to try and make money from a company that will pay you to show their ads regardless of visitors with a monthly or yearly contract. To set this up, try calling companies that you think might be interested in your niche and quote them your monthly hits. The biggest mistake most site owners make? Not taking their site seriously enough to sometimes just pick up the phone.

About the Author

Keith Terrell is the owner of Orp Media, which offers Internet marketing and SEO services. He is also very passionate about photography and editing and he shares his ideas through informative articles.

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3 Responses to '3 Monetisation Methods You Might Not Have Thought Of That Can Make Your Site More Profitable'

  1. Dean Saliba says:

    Some great methods listed here, I think it is worth pointing out to anyone thinking about charging a subscription that you should have some absolutely dynamite content that can’t be accessed elsewhere for free.

  2. Eric Lord says:

    Amazing share Keith. I truly beleive that continuity income is the best monetization strategy ever. Cheers!

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