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3 Reasons to Have Multimedia on Your Blog (and How to Do It)

multimediaAs a blogger, you’re probably looking for new ways to improve your site. It’s easy to feel stuck, either because you’re tired of maintaining your blog or it feels like you’ve hit a plateau and aren’t bringing in any new readers.

If that’s the case– or if you’re just looking for ways to expand your blog– you should look at adding new kinds of multimedia.

How Multimedia Improves Your Website


1. Stay On Top of Trends

Social media sites come and go. Even a site like Facebook is losing certain users, teens, to other social media sites like instagram. If you know your audience and know which social media sites and what forms of media they’re engaging with, you can cater the media on your blog to them and keep them engaged.

2. Expand Your Audience

There are so many people out there that are just waiting to find your website– you just have to help them a bit. Switching up the kind of content you have and the social media sites you use as a result can bring in traffic from those platforms. For example, if you’re blogging and only producing written content, adding on a weekly video blog would bring in new readers that spend time on Youtube or simply prefer video format over text.

3. Discover New Talents

You never know what your next passion could be. Maybe you have a great voice for radio and podcasting is the perfect platform for you, or maybe your personality is perfect for blogging. You don’t have to commit to new types of media right away, but dabbling in a few here and there could lead you to great things, and you never would have known that you had a knack for it if you didn’t give it a try. Producing media can be as easy as recording something on your iPhone, so there’s really nothing to lose.

The Multimedia You Should Include

When you start experimenting with new forms of media, it can be a little rocky at the start.

As far as what types of content you can add, the possibilities are fairly endless considering how easy it is to add photography and graphics, capture and upload video, or produce audio content like music or a podcast and make it available through tools like iTunes, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud.

If you’re hesitant to try something new because you’re worried it goes beyond your skills, look into starting a partnership with other bloggers and give them a platform, your blog, to share the content they make.

About the Author

Larry is a tech fanatic who is immersing himself in the modern culture and letting everyone know what he thinks via his second favorite thing, social media. When he isn’t writing (at GinzaMetrics), he enjoys spending time outdoors with his dog and playing a competitive game of cribbage.

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  1. Justin says:

    Multimedia plays very important role in blog. Basically to attract more and more visitor and for better designing (or looking) want to add multimedia in blog.

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