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4 Different Stages for Perfect Website Development

webdevelopmentWhether it is just to promote your company’s contact information using a banner, or to increase the visibility of your e-commerce site, every business needs a website nowadays, to establish an online presence.

While web development is a conveniently accessible way to market your products/services, many business owners are uncertain about the development process of a website. Like any other construction, it has many stages of development.

Every major website project comes with a unique set of challenges, but the process of developing a basic site generally involves four major stages that must be considered thoroughly before drafting your project’s final proposal plans and documents.

1. Defining and planning a website

This is the first stage where you define your goals and objectives for the website and start gathering and analyzing the information required to justify the resources and budget needed. It also includes defining the scope of website content, the extent of information resources that will be required to meet your users’ expectations, and the technology support and interactive functionality required. Also, your web designers should be involved as early as possible in the planning phase.

2. Information Architecture

This phase of web development requires deciding the content and structure of the website. The development team should store the existing content, define what fresh content is needed, and describe the organizational structure of the website. Once a content architecture has been designed, you should create small prototypes of different parts of the site to test the design. This incorporates flexibility in your design.

3. Website Design

This phase works towards giving a suitable look and feel to your website, as the page layout, design and the general graphic design is produced and approved. The objective of this stage is to create all the components of content and functional programming, as well as visual appeal, and a user-friendly website overall, so as to have them prepared for the final stage of web development- constructing the actual website pages.

4. Site coding and construction

After you’ve had detailed site architecture, stable content components, properly tested prototypes, and a well-organization specification for page design, you are ready to construct the site’s web pages and fill them out with the prepared content. Once the site is constructed with all the database and programming elements integrated, it is ready for user testing.

A lot goes into making a functional website for a business, or even just a hobby. Now you know all the stages of the complex yet orderly process of web development.

About the Author

Siraj, grooming with the modern technologies in programming and web-based applications, is interested in learning and applying advanced and attractive features in applications to make them more productive.

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One Response to '4 Different Stages for Perfect Website Development'

  1. CMS Web says:

    Thanks , this is very informative……..i will keep in my mind the new trend and these stages in regards to web designing..
    As well designed web site is beneficial for our business in today’s electronic world and it save money.
    it is far Cheaper and More Flexible the Internet advertisement is accessible for a longer period of time and the content can be changed according to the trend and you can potentially reach a wider audience.

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