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10 Creative Ways to Make Your Desk Truly Unique

ultramodern-desk-setAs with all types of interior and furniture design, desks have been the subject of much innovation and creativity throughout the years. From natural, fluid shapes to futuristic, ergonomic designs, desks come in all sizes and forms and bring a new slant to the design of the workspace.


1) Expandable space

If you have a small area in which to work and a flexible workforce, expandable desks could be just the kind of desk you’re looking for. Not dissimilar to the dining room gate-leg table, imagine a pedestal desk from which two working surfaces can be expanded and collapsed as needed.

2) Built-in shelves

Do a lot of work that requires research in books? How about a desk that doubles as a bookshelf? There are many designs that allow storage of books around the work surface, including shelving that rises from the desktop to book bins that surround the space. All of these can make for a much clearer working area if yours is currently covered with your source material.

3) Foldaway workspace

Not a dissimilar idea to the gate-leg desk mentioned above, a foldaway workspace can give an additional surface when not in use or just pack away neatly for a minimalist look. With a pull-out corner seat that slots flush to the desk and the computer monitor mounted on a lid akin to the lift-up school desks of yesteryear, once slotted together the lid comes down to protect the screen and create a sleek box that no-one would guess is a desk in disguise.

4) Hotdesk space

With an increasing number of us now working in hot-desking space, how much easier would it be if we could just issue staff with a briefcase instead of a desk?

The concept has been combined to create a desk that allows briefcases of the correct dimensions to be slotted into the desk for use as drawers for the duration of the stay, then simply removed and taken with the user once they are finished, leaving it free for the next person.

5) Elegant lines

Some creative desks are functionally beautiful while others are just beautiful for the sake of beauty. Desks carved from solid lumps of wood, respecting the grain and lines of the original tree from which it created, give an organic, flowing feel to the desk and create a work of sculpture as much as a useful piece of furniture.

6) Transparent ideal

Do you fancy being able to see exactly what’s in your drawers without even opening them? You can do so without developing x-ray vision. An opaque glass surface on your desk gives you the chance to see what you have stored in the drawer, saving you time hunting and keeping your desk clear rather than keeping everything laid out in front of you.

7) Retro game

How about a Mechano desk?

Here we have a glass-topped desk with a difference. How about turning your favourite 1980s table game into a desk? Whether it’s a working version of Frogger or an enclosed game of table football, this can make for an unusually creative and sometimes interactive desk.

8) Plastic fantastic

If you are looking for a truly futuristic desk, look no further than a heat-moulded Perspex table. Bent and twisted into interesting shapes and with recesses and areas to channel your cables, these desks are fun, interesting and practical.

Retro and futuristic at the same time.

9) So long and thanks for all the fish

A perfect idea for a reception desk, this idea makes for an interesting and soothing piece of furniture as well as a desk. Building a fish-tank into the base of the desk conceals what goes on behind while giving an interesting and dynamic frontage for visitors to watch while they wait.

10) Wall-mounted

If you don’t have a lot of space in your room for a desk, a wall-mounted option might be for you. Without legs, it gives you space to move around and even sit at either end rather than in the centre, and the floating desk gives an almost futuristic look.

The Sky is the Limit

The variety of desks on offer is limited only by your imagination. Pick an interesting and useful desk to liven up your office space and make it more functional for your personal needs.

About the Author

Aaron Hopkins, who writes across various topics and industries, has a keen interest in business while indulging his more creative side when he has the time. This post on creating a unique desk was inspired by sitting in his own creative space day in and day out and writing about various topics and industries. Aaron has written this article on behalf of The Workplace Depot, UK’s leading supplier of office and warehouse equipment.

Image Credits: Phil Manker and Tacoekkel

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