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5 Basic Blogging Rules You Should Never Break

officespace3What are the best ways to grow a blog that matter?

If you are a blogger and have been struggling with getting traction with your blog, then this is the best place to be right now and this is the best post you can read at this time because I’m going to to tell it like it is so you can start getting the results you desire with your blog.

Blogging Has Changed My Life

Blogging no doubt has changed my life and I am happy to say this. I’m not a natural born writer but all through these years, I have happily learned how to write and that simple skill has helped me a lot to start and grow several blogs online – some have been successful while many have been quite unsuccessful. As with any endeavor in life, there will always be the ups and downs, and I’ve had both.

I can go on and on to talk about how hard thing has been when I started blogging and writing as an author some years back, a common problem so many bloggers faced in the early days of blogging like how to get traffic, what to write about and how to churn out regular content but those hurdles aren’t anything near the joy of what blogging has brought to me.

In the past few years, I have met and made friends with a lot of amazing people online both, upcoming and established bloggers, and that alone is something I will always cherish. And the fact that what I do is having an impact on other people’s lives is another joy which gives me fulfillment every day and motivates me to do more.

But talking about these sweet stories isn’t enough. What really matters is sharing the lessons I have learned from my years of blogging with everyone. In this post, I will share 5 basic rules you should never break and these rules are all a result of the blogging lessons I have learned so far through all my years of blogging and writing online.

1. Content Is King

If you are presently blogging and all you write is just some 400 or 500 word fluffs and rants, then you need to start writing epic shit (my big thank you to Corbett Barr for this) or stop blogging and find some other worthwhile things to do with your time.

Content is really the currency of blogging and if you can’t write or learn to write useful and insightful content for people to feed on, then blogging might not be for you. You need useful content to attract people to your blog and to keep them coming to either be your loyal customer that buys your product or services, or be your loyal subscriber, or both.

I started blogging writing crappy content, but with time and lot of working my ass off at writing even when it’s not convenient, things changed and the days of crappy content is gone. That really proves that as they say practice makes perfect and if you are struggling with writing something worthwhile, then keep writing and writing, you can get better and put your best out there for people to read.

2. Promote The Hell Out of Your Content

Writing great content isn’t enough and trust me, nothing really happens with writing great content when there is nobody to read what you are writing.

When I started blogging, I just kept writing and writing. I’m a card carrying member of the “build ’em, they will come” party, sitting down and waiting for people to locate my blog and read my content. But for months, it never happened – just a few people here and there that stopped by to check what I’m doing.

But when I put myself out there to get more exposure to my blog, with guest posts, social media, and relationship building, things started to change, and even with launching a new blog just recently, I’ve had more stable traction than I had when I started with my first blog 3 years ago. If you ask me my simple trick, I will say I got out there and promoted the heck out of my blog posts.

3. Build Your List And Start Now

“Money is in the list” is a popular clichรฉ and that’s just what you need to know if you are really serious about blogging. I realized lately the need to build my list as my greatest priority for all my blogs but the fact still remain that as a blogger, the best thing to do is to build and grow your mailing list because that’s really the goldmine for every bloggers.

My list has been a major source of my traffic and that keeps people coming back to my blog to read my posts whenever I have something new to say and if you promote your own product or affiliate product, then your list is the best means to help you convert visitors to buyers and customers.

If you don’t have a list now or it’s not your priority, then you need to think twice and start building your list and also make sure you make your subscribers happy with useful content, lack of which might lead them to hit the unsubscribe link in your mails faster than the speed of light.

4. Build Relationships: Be Everywhere And With Everyone

One thing that has helped me a lot in my blogging journey is building relationship with bloggers who are more experienced and bigger than me. That is how I have been able to launch and get traction for a new blog recently with the help of top bloggers and that start and end with just sending an email to everyone I know has my target audience.

And that’s how I have been able to get traffic to my Self Publishing blog in its early days by guest posting for one of the biggest Self Publishing blogs, get mentioned and featured on 4 different blogs. To this day, I still get loads of traffic from that single guest post and my guest post has even been featured in an Amazon Best Seller book. All these came as a result of me reaching out to the established blogger with just an email and that has fast tracked the growth of my blogs.

If anyone should ask me what is the greatest lesson I have learned from my years of blogging, it won’t take me a second to connect and build relationship with other bloggers especially influencers in your niche and be genuine and useful at that as well. That should be what every new blogger and those who are struggling with their blog should take away from this post.

5. Be Persistent And Consistent

So many bloggers put everything into their blog in the start writing lots of contents and hitting all the social media networks they can lay their hands upon, but as things get non-responsive and they are having few visitors to their blog, they eventually give up and forget about the blog or start something else. This is a very wrong thing to do as nothing in life comes so easy; everything comes fine at the end by being persistent and consistent in anything you do.

I could have given up when things weren’t going as I’d hoped when I first started blogging, but rather, I sat down and thought of better ways to go about what I was doing than what I was doing in the pas,t and that lead me to trying relationship building with other bloggers and that has really work for me.

Blogging in its real sense is not an easy thing and it takes some time for things to start taking shape, but the question is are you patient and persistent enough to do all it takes and keep doing just that till you get the right results? Having a mindset of instant gratification of success and not being persistent and consistent at blogging is the greatest reason why many bloggers aren’t making it to the top.

And it’s not all that easy to just tell a struggling blogger “don’t give up” but the truth is that the best thing to do in those times is sitting down and thinking of other smarter ways of doing things that have been done in the past.

From content and traffic strategy to the way the blog is promoted, things can just be done in a better way and a simple Google search will help a lot in finding new ways of doing things. Such has been how I got myself out of my blogging despair.

Blogging has been a wonderful means for me to live that live of Freedom, Fun and Fulfillment I have always dreamed of. With blogging I’ve found a platform for doing what I love and enjoy. Blogging can be rewarding and a means to earning passive income with what you do, and living the lifestyle you want. But to make that happen, you need to remember these 5 lessons I have mentioned in this post. These lessons aren’t textbook lessons but rather lessons I have learn from my own personal experience with struggling with blogging and later getting things done in a different way to get to where I am today.

It’s Your Turn

What blogging lessons have you learned that have helped you as a blogger? Let’s hear from you so others can learn from you as well.

About the Author

Ajisafe Mayowa writes at Free Life Pursuit where he shares his best on how to live a life of freedom, fun and fulfillment. Feel free to join His Tribe Of Remarkable People and download The Free Life Pursuit Starter Kit.

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5 Responses to '5 Basic Blogging Rules You Should Never Break'

  1. Thanks Lisha for the opportunity to write this post for your audience.

    Keep the good work flowing.



  2. Thanks Lisha,

    It’s all my pleasure.

    Keep the good work going.



  3. I would be very interested in seeing a follow up article from you with some tips on where to promote your posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My list is growing nicely, I just need to find a way of actually getting my subscribers to open the emails I send them. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Lisha says:

      Would be great if Ajisafe wrote a post about how and where he specifically promotes his blog/blog posts.

      For me personally, I use social media more than anything to promote my stuff and through that, any blog I start grows steadily over time that way. I prefer twitter and facebook the most.

      Also, I don’t write a lot of guest posts, but I should, because by writing guest posts you get the exposure of all the blog readers of the other blogs where you’re able to get an article published along with your link. If they like what you said in your guest post, they will most likely go check out your blog and possibly become a regular reader of your blog.

      As far as getting subscribers to open your emails, it’s all about the subject heading (of course). One tip I got from someone was to simply put the first name of the person in the subject heading and nothing else. Or simply including the first name with the rest of your subject heading. People respond more when they see/read their own name. Subject headings of emails have to be really intriguing and awesome like blog post titles. You gotta grab the attention of the person and make them want to open your email or read your blog post. Think about whether or not you’d open your email if you got it from someone whose list you’re on. If not, tweak it until even you would open the email if you got it from someone else.

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