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Pros And Cons Of The Most Popular Niches – Which One Is For You?

Before you start running a website you will have to make many decisions regarding the direction you want to take. Of these many decisions though, one is more important than all the rest and will do a huge amount to define the direction of your site and how successful it is going forward.

That decision of course is the niche that you are going to operate in: the topic that you’re going to write about and the audience you’re going to target. This will then affect the competition you’ll be facing, the popularity of your site, the monetisation methods open to you and the subjects you’ll be writing about every day.

Making life a little easier though is the fact that most people will write about the same kinds of topics. Certain niches are just more popular than others when it comes to working online, and this means that there is generally a smaller selection to pick from. It can still be hard making that final decision though, so read on to see some of the most common niches for websites and what makes each one great or less great…


Tech blogs are a dime a dozen, but the really good ones are highly successful (think Engadget, The Verge etc.). This is an interesting topic to write about every kind of story available to you – from how tos, to reviews to breaking news. There’s a lot of competition, but also a great potential for success and it’s an easy one to write on.

One other thing to consider – if you are hoping to do reviews (a must really) then you’ll either need to invest a lot of money initially in buying different devices or hope that you can convince the tech firms that you’re worth giving review products to from the word go.

Make Money/SEO/Affiliate


This is another very popular niche with a lot of competition, but the good news is that it’s also highly monetisable. People of course are highly willing to spend money when they think that they’re going to earn more money as a result, and that then means they’re more likely to spend money on eBooks and other virtual products and even more likely to click on adverts.



The same goes for money matters – this is a highly profitable area. And actually if you’re going to write about the more dry financial matters (like insurance), then you’ll find there’s a little less competition out there for you: there is a big gap for sites that can make these matters sound interesting and approachable. Of course though this does require a bit of specialist knowledge on these somewhat complex topics, which is a big part of the reason there isn’t that much competition out there…


Writing about fitness allows you to write about a lifestyle as much as providing specific instructions. This means you’ll find it easy to get readers excited and again they’ll be more likely to spend money on things like books – because they think it’s the answer to all their problems. The difficult part? There’s not much ‘breaking news’ here so you’ll have to get creative with coming up with new topics.


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About the Author

This post has been contributed by Keith Terrell. He owns a company called Orp Media, which specializes in tackling unnatural links. He is a fitness enthusiast and he enjoys his meditation sessions.

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