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The Benefits of Being a Professional Blogger

Blog notes on LaptopFor every one of us, the time comes when routine makes us sick and we start trying to think of things to do instead that will not restrict us like 9 to 5. One of the most common considered alternatives is professional blogging.

Blogging is interesting and exciting as a hobby. However, if you’re going to think about it professionally, you’ll need to treat it as a job, or a business. The best blogs weren’t created in one day. It takes many months to get determined with your niche, promote your blog online, and grow your readership. If you want to make your blog the main source of your income, it must become pretty darn popular. So, it’s unlikely to be easy.

But there’s a more positive side! Blogging can bring you a lot of extra benefits. The most significant of them are:

1. You can work any time that’s convenient for you.

You are not obliged to be at any certain place at any certain time. Write when you feel you’re ready with an idea or just feel inspired.

2. You’re constantly expanding your mental outlook.

When you work in a certain field, your knowledge is usually restricted to one area. With blogging, the situation is just the opposite – to stay interesting for readers, you need to be versatile and always share something new. This requires you to constantly gain new knowledge all the time.

3. You are not limited by location.

Blog posts can be created everywhere, and need only internet enabled notebook or other gadget. You can write in bed, at your favorite café or during your trip to Spain – the choice is up to you!

4. You get to choose who you interact with.

In the workplace, you don’t get to select your colleagues, or your boss. You go to the office (or wherever), which has its own rules you have to follow, and try to assimilate to it and all the people you have to work with on a daily basis. As for the blogosphere, here you can find lots of interesting people and keep in touch with them. And if it happens that somebody annoys you, you can simply ignore them!

5. You are your own boss.

It has its own pros and cons only depending on the kind of person you are. The only obligation you have is the obligation to yourself. You manage your time, create a business plan, think over the promotional strategy. You set your own goals and it’s you who decides how exactly your goals will be achieved. So, the success of your blogging depends completely on you.

6. Recognition.

It’s very pleasant to be acknowledged as a competent voice in the sphere your blog is related to. The recognition contributes to your confidence and sense of well-being, and often, this is even more rewarding than the money you earn from blogging.

7. You are invited to major events and get free samples of products.

These days, event organizers are interested in making sure their events are well-known and publicized online. And if your opinion is trusted and you have a lot of followers/readers, they’ll do everything possible to get you to the event so you can share the experience with your readers. Companies also very commonly give free products to bloggers to try out in return for your blog review.

8. Your creativity is not limited by someone else’s rules.

In traditional businesses, you always have to follow the rules when performing the given tasks. In blogging, you have no limits! You can create and present to your readers everything you find necessary. It can be funny videos, pics, an odd story, whatever you feel like today. You get to talk about whatever you want.

Did I leave anything out? What other benefits do professional bloggers experience?

About the author

Paul Smith is a versatile author. He is passionate about blogging and likes to share his knowledge about it. He is also an essay writer, so feel free to ask essay.

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