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4 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Blogging Niche for You

blog1You may have heard that the best way to make money blogging is to start with a specific niche. This is a single topic and it can be as wide or as narrow as you prefer. However, it is important to avoid being too much of either—too wide and you won’t have a common purpose for your visitors; too narrow and you could really miss out by being too specialist.

So, how do you choose a blogging niche? So many options (especially the highly profitable ones) are so full that it is hard to break into them—what makes you different from all the rest? Here are a few tips to help you get started picking your niche.

Choose a Topic That Interests You

The whole point of blogging is to make money doing something that you love, right? Well, it makes sense that the niche of your writing will be on a topic that you enjoy. There’s no point writing about cars when you have no passion for them. That lack of passion shows in your posts: they will be unoriginal, repetitive and simply boring for your readers.

When you have passion for a topic, it shines through. Your excitement and enthusiasm comes through your words and draws people into read more. Readers will want to click on more posts and learn more about why you love this topic so much. That instantly increases your chance of making more money.

You will also show that you are an authority. Even if you don’t know a lot about the topic, if you love it you will be willing to learn. You’ll get all the books, spend hours on research and it will make your posts stand out. People will trust you as you prove to have quality and valuable information. You become the go-to guy or gal.

Choose Something You Know About

Just because you love doing something doesn’t mean you can write about it! Sure, you can learn but is it really worth spending those hours? Blogging about something you know about—and are passionate about—is an excellent way to get your name out there. You become credible, especially if you can prove that you know about the topic.

Credibility is very important—not just for readers but for search engines. If you’re not credible then why should someone trust the words you say? That doesn’t mean you have to have qualifications in the area. You could have already proven yourself credible by running a business within the niche, written books that people have bought or you may give speeches.

See What the Competition Is Like

Now that you likely have a few ideas of blogging niches, it is time to find out about the competition. You want some competition—that proves it’s worthwhile for readers—but you don’t want too much. The last thing you want to do is spend months on keyword research and blogging daily just to see your website move up one step—and that can happen if you pick an over-saturated niche.

But what if all your blogging niche ideas are highly competitive? You will need to start looking into ways to utilise your niche and make it something different. For example, the weight loss niche is highly competitive but it is often full of people promising quick fixes, promoting “miracle cures” and offering questionable products. If you want to get into this niche with real and valuable information, focus on a specific target. It could be that you’ve had a baby and want to help other post-pregnancy mums lose the weight. You may focus on men who are trying to slim down or even older people who are struggling with their age and mobility issues.

Don’t Focus on the Fads Right Now

So many people find an interesting topic that is current. That’s great and will help you right now but what about a few months down the line? Current fads go in and out of fashion quickly. It’s hard to keep up with them and you can’t keep changing your blog’s niche every time a new fad comes out. Don’t focus on those right now fads, unless of course your blog is about exposing new ones or offer details of every new one as it comes out.

The idea for your blogging niche is that it is sustainable. It needs to last through the months and years. Content needs to be evergreen so people can come back to it in a few years and still find it relevant and informative. Otherwise, your blog is dead in the water.

Pick your blogging niche wisely using the tips above. You need to find something that you find interesting. Without passion, there’s just no point in bothering!

About the Author

Phil Aye is a fantasy sports blogger at Sports Fantasy Drafts. He provides value and insight on the oldest independently owned fantasy sports website.

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