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9 Killer Tips to Help You Increase Your Blog Traffic

crazytrafficA popular blog is the dream of every blogger. Blogs have become a reliable source of income if you can accrue the numbers, and most bloggers spend sleepless nights planning on their next moves in quest for a slice of the cake.
Many have tasted success, many are yet to, and some may never see it unless they rethink their strategies. Below, I’ll discuss 9 killer tricks that should win you the numbers. They are simple tips and will be applicable with ease.

Network with Other Bloggers

Every successful blogger will tell you how important it is to network with bloggers of the same niche. One advice when networking is to relate with big and small names in equal measure. Visit the blogs often and comment on them. Just ensure that you are friendly with your comments.

Blog Frequently

Fresh content is what drives traffic to your website. If people come to your site only to meet content they had seen a month ago, they will be reluctant to come back in the future. Readers are usually hungry for information and so are search engines.

Contribute Guest Posts

This can work wonders for you in the short and medium term. Most blogs are very much welcome to guest posts so do not hesitate. One thing you may have to do though is informing the author of the blog about your intentions. Try to guest post especially on blogs within your niche.

Be Part of the Community of Bloggers

Most bloggers will always be checking on community blogs for purposes of networking and even for general information. You can decide to follow a few blogs too and pick a few things from them as you navigate through. It increases your visibility by a mile.

Customize Your Blog

Have you ever been on some blog and vowed never to go back there simply because the place looked so half-hazard? Well, you are not alone. Many visitors want to get some excitement when they visit your blog. Select a good theme and go with an attractive template.

Get Social

The power of social media is something you can’t ignore. Facebook has close to 1 billion users! That sounds just the right place to take your business. Socialize with people and slowly introduce them to your blog. Other popular social media platforms are twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, twitter and LinkedIn.

Use Q&A Websites to Your Advantage

Frequent sites such as and try to be helpful on there. People will take note of you and soon they will be coming for help directly from you. At that point it becomes easier to introduce them to your blog.

Tweet Your Posts

Once you are on twitter, tweeting your posts is a good way to promote your blog. Since people follow you because they think you are helpful to them, they will be eager to read your posts.

Market Your Facebook Page

Every blogger must have a Facebook page. If you don’t have one yet, create it now. After that you can concentrate on marketing your page. There is a new application on Facebook called Facebook timeline which can help you integrate your blog with Facebook for easier sharing.

If applied with the correct energy, blogging can become very enjoyable. Take these tips and use them to the max. Blogging is a job like any other and DWP protects you just like any other worker.

About the Author

Laura Benson is a content writer and her interests are Business, Finance and Health. She is a professional blogger from London and has written many articles in Business & Finance categories. She is currently doing research on DWP.

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  1. kweng says:

    wow! i’m a newbie in blogging and this is really helpful! Yay! Thank you!

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