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The Power of Storytelling for the Success of a Brand

storytellingEach day we are savagely bombarded with numerous brands, adverts, and campaigns. For us, this is mandatory, and we end up overlooking most of them. When asked to mention our top favourite brands, we tend to fall upon the brands that we are familiar with and that suit our lifestyle. It is uncanny how much you can find out about a person when asking them this.

Iconic Brands

The bottom line, however, is that there are brands such as Coca Cola, Nike and Apple that are renowned amongst many different lifestyles. These brands have been able to distinguish themselves from their competition by finding a way to connect with their audience.

Consumers tend to have a relationship with brands with which they are more familiar with and which they trust the most. This relationship is based on the repetitive use of the brand’s products and being content with the overall outcome.

Some of these brands that are considered iconic, are so because they sell a lifestyle, much more than a product. They also manage to tell a story in connection with the product/service they are selling which in turn, is used as a form of consumer engagement.


Storytelling is an art that engages the audience by connecting with them through emotion. It can also be discussed that storytelling is not just a gateway to connecting with consumers, but also a form of competitive advantage. Taking this into consideration, businesses can use the power of storytelling to their advantage to connect and build a relationship with their clients.

“Stories are easier on the ear than ad taglines. For a brand to replicate this empowering engagement, the content must tell a story that draws us in, broadens our horizons and delivers added value to our lives.” (Robertson, 2013:2)

Storytelling is one of the most primal forms of communication. The narrative in storytelling has been the bedrock of communities moving from one era to another, and making use of a narrative to explain, teach and entertain is an impulse that humans have followed since the beginning of time.

Memory Encoding

Daniel Pink in ‘A Whole New Mind’ suggests that the use of storytelling allows us to make meaning of what is happening and is also able to instill memory encoding. This fact is particularly interesting with regards to branding as we tend to have a better recording of brands that have used storytelling as part of their ads in comparison to others.


Case in point, can you remember the old Coca Cola Christmas ads? Yes? Why? Because they give us a nostalgic feeling and tell us a story. The ad connects with consumers on an emotional level whilst being able to build a relationship with them based on consumer engagement.


In conclusion, can storytelling be one of the driving factors behind the success of a brand? With regards to emerging brands, can storytelling be the way forward in order to connect and build a relationship with consumers?

Being able to ensure competitive advantage and stand out from competitors can only be done by engaging and attracting consumers. Storytelling has been argued to be a powerful tool that can bring about consumer engagement, strengthen customer relationships and push towards the success of the brand.

About the Author

Aaron, writer and blogging fanatic, is currently working alongside The Pink Group, a graphic design agency who specialises in branding, marketing and creative design–all subjects that Aaron loves writing and blogging about.

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