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Turn Your Back Story into a Successful Blog

life_storyThe best advice for writers is often to write about what you know. For most people, what they know better than anything is themselves. Previously, talented writers with an interesting life had nowhere to share their thoughts and experiences, but with the advent of blogging this all changed.

The millions of blogs online are testament to the fact that people with experience have interesting stories to tell, and people want to read about them. If you have a fascinating back story then you too have the potential to turn this into a money-making blog.

Choosing an Experience

There are thousands if not millions of blogs on most subjects, from fishing to baking, written by musicians, artists, or moms blogging about bringing up their kids. There are no hard and fast rules about blogging; you have to write about what is interesting to you and what will prompt a number of follow-up posts – one long essay is not going to cut it. Your blog needs to be riveting, informative, and – if you want it to sell – successful.

There are many experiences you may have been through which you want to share with others. It’s important to pick the one which you feel will appeal to the most people. This can have the dual effect of being a cathartic process for yourself through writing as well as helping your readers through a difficult time. Your back story could be anything from growing up adopted, going through a divorce, bringing up a disabled child or battling depression. It doesn’t have to be a negative back story either, growing up on a farm, running away with the circus or having a dramatic career change could all be fascinating back stories for your blog. The most important thing is to make it interesting.

Once you have decided your topic, then you can launch your blog with an introductory article which should explain what you are going to be writing about. Explain your back story with detail, and if you can add photos, videos and other material then all the better. This will all help to bring your back story to life. Don’t forget to add a photo of you now so that your readers can see who is writing.

Make it Informative

If you’re writing about a specialist subject such as divorce or depression then the chances are that someone has looked up your blog because they want to know more about it. This means that you have a responsibility to include some information in your blog to make it useful to readers, and increase the chances of them returning.

However, it’s important to be responsible when dishing out the advice. For example, don’t give medical advice you’re not qualified to give. By all means describe your experience and what has helped you, but it is better to link to sites which can help your readers, without you giving them the information second-hand.

For example, you may want to explain how counseling has helped you overcome a bereavement or tragic event in your life. In this situation you can link to the counselor you used or an official authority on the subject, such as the American Counseling Association. Likewise, if your blog is about overcoming substance abuse, be aware that many readers may not be going through it themselves, but may want to find out how to help someone with a serious addiction. By posting good advice and references to official sources of help this will ensure that your readers keep coming back for more.

Make the Sales Pitch

Now that you’ve made your back story into an informative and interesting blog, it’s time to make it successful. Be sure to spread the word about your blog by signing up to forums on specific subjects, for example, a forum discussing getting out of debt, and linking to your blog. You can do a link swap with more established bloggers, to link to their site from your page and vice versa.

Once you have proven readership stats then you can approach advertisers with your masterpiece. Be sure to have information about your demographic ready to pitch so that they can be sure they are targeting their adverts at the right readers. A blog about divorce is likely to be read by women of a certain age, while a mother blogging about raising a disabled child will also have a very niche readership. This information can be used to attract advertisers of products and services they would use.

Reap the Rewards

Once your blog is off the ground, ensure you take every step to keep it running, for example by researching the most up to date SEO techniques and integrating it with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. By transforming your emotional back story into an informative source for others you can not only feel the benefits yourself, but also be satisfied that you have supported your readers through their own difficult time.

About the Author

Eve Pearce is a freelance writer and full-time mother. She loves being able to combine her twin passions for business innovation and writing. When not at her desk or looking after the kids (husband included), she likes to take her dogs for a long walk and get away from it all.

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4 Responses to 'Turn Your Back Story into a Successful Blog'

  1. Hi Eve,

    This post certainly solidifies what I’m trying to accomplish with my blog. Thanks so much for these words.

    Take care,
    Frantastically Fran!

  2. Maria Irena Zamora says:

    PO przeczytaniu wiadomości , zachęca mnie do dalszej pracy !! Pozdrawiam serdecznie ; Maria Irena

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks for stopping by Maria! 🙂

      (here’s the translation of her comment: AFTER reading the posts, it encourages me to keep working! Yours sincerely, Maria Irene)

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