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3 Traps That Can Hinder Your Personal Development

personal_development1.jpgWe all have certain dreams and expectations for our lives. But we end up getting nowhere without our own personal development.

You may not know this, but there are traps that we unknowingly fall into that keep us from improving our lives. And once we are in over our heads, we get drawn into a whirlpool of negativity that ruins our morale (and possibly our lives).

Read on to learn what these 3 traps are that hinder personal growth and efficiency. Avoid these pitfalls and you’ll find yourself living a much better life!

You Select Bad Company

The Bible says that “Bad company ruins good morals.” Whether you’re a fan of the Bible or not, this is a universal truth.

If you mix with people who are not like-minded, you gradually build up negativity in your mind and that reflects upon your judgment and decision making capability.

On the other hand when you have people around who are like-minded, as they think and act in a way similar to you, you will notice a surprising change in your approach and behavior.

In a word, you will get along nicely with a good company as they will support your decisions and encourage you to undertake new endeavors by offering you positive advice.

This might sound a bit cliché as you may not feel the change right away, but believe me it’s going to have a positive impact on your personal growth and development as a successful individual.

You Avoid Taking Notes

Yes, as trivial as it may sound, a notepad can save your day! How? Well, for example, you may have a brilliant business idea and you forget all about it once you get involved in other affairs. As a result when you need to talk about your idea (or expand your plans on it further), you might not be able to remember it at all.

You might say, “I have a pretty good memory, I won’t forget!”

All good, but what if you do? To be on the safer side, jot down your idea on a notepad. My suggestion would be to always keep a pen and a small notebook or notepad with you.

These days, we’re always on the move. We are more convenient with computers, smartphones and tablets. So if you don’t wish to follow the old ways, there are notepad apps for mobile phones and other web applications freely available for computer, phone, and tablet users. Just make sure you have one accessible at all times so that you don’t forget your best ideas.

You Think ‘Piggy Banks’ Are For Kids

Now let’s admit we all make this mistake. But, to tell you the truth, piggy banks can save your day! I must confess that I didn’t care about maintaining an emergency fund till the day the shares I owned took a steep plunge at the NYSE. There were bills due and my credit score went down. All of these had a negative impact on my personal development.

But I believe that there’s always something to learn even under negative circumstances. In my case what I learnt was that I should have kept an emergency fund available for unforeseen events like this. A piggy bank may sound like a toy to us grownups, but when you start saving a couple of dollars every week, you can actually tide over an unfavorable condition when your finances might spiral into a free fall.

Obviously you don’t need to have an actual piggy bank. But think about transferring a percentage of your income every payday into your savings account. Even five bucks a week can help you develop the habit of saving, and you may eventually find yourself saving more and more.

I am hopeful that the above serves as a guide to help you avert negativity from your own personal development. Avoid these 3 traps and you just might reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

About the Author

Adriana Sopi is an expert on 8a certification and helps small businesses and entrepreneurs with tips on how to succeed in the business world.

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