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6 Types of Blogs People Love to Read

niche_blogging2There are millions of blogs out there. Just take a look at the header above, here at Blog and Retire!

If you have a blog, you’ve probably asked yourself many times, ‘Why are some of them so damn popular and the others are not?’. Of course, the success of your blog depends on how serious you are about making it amazing.

You know the important points, like publishing high-quality content, optimizing your posts for search engines, adding videos and images, and publishing posts regularly and consistently. These points work for sure, but you shouldn’t forget that the kind of information you share with your readers also makes a difference.

I know that many beginning bloggers face the problem of picking the right topic for their blogs. However, there are several types of blogs that people adore to read. So if you’re unsure about your niche, try utilizing your skills for one of the following:

1. Expert Advice on a Certain Topic

If you are knowledgeable about some area and have something to share with others – great! But there’s one common mistake – specialists in a particular area often use a specific language understandable only for those who work in the same area (and obviously don’t need your tips). Try to make difficult things simple and easy to read for everyone. This really attracts people.

2. How-to’s and Tips

If we have any question or problem, we usually search the web for the answer. Your blog can offer everyday solutions in any field: how to cope with stress, how to find your style, or what movie to watch. People ask questions and want someone who answer them. Maybe, this is your niche?

3. Breaking News

Recent scandals are always a matter for discussion. Turn your blog into the platform of recent news and articles, and it will be in high demand. The events should be published timely, though. So if you’re not sure you’re fully committed to staying on top of it regularly for the long term, try a different type of blog where you can publish evergreen content (content that’s relevant for a long time).

4. A Source of Fun

The main thing people look for on the internet is entertainment. Funny stories, pictures, or crazy videos are always a good idea. If you cannot create your own content, there’s always the opportunity to simply share other people’s interesting/funny images and videos (just make sure you give credit where it’s due).

5. Touching Life Stories

Simply something people can associate themselves with and relate to. Love stories, or stories of overcoming life obstacles and reaching success in spite of everything… do you have any stories like this you could share? Or maybe your life is even more interesting than any TV show, and you have rich, inspiring life experiences that people would really be interested in reading about? Then, turn your blog into a kind of public diary.

6. Reviews

All kinds of reviews are always in demand – movies, books, products, services, restaurants, etc. People often check the web for reviews before purchasing something, so if your reviews are of good quality and people can tell you’re being honest, you’ll have a lot of returning readers. Not only that, but if you’re reviewing things, you can also become an affiliate for the things you’re reviewing, and thus making some money in the process.

There are lots of opportunities to find something to blog about. The key to making your blog a real success is understanding people’s needs and meeting them.

So now you know your options! Choose wisely.

What do you blog about? Share with us in a comment!

About the author

Melisa Marzett works as a writer for custom writing. In her spare time she likes to write guest posts on the topics of business, blogging, health and self-improvement. She also enjoys traveling. Melisa can be contacted at Google+.

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