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3 Things You Must Know If You Want Your Blog to Make Money

make moneyEveryone wants to make more money, especially bloggers. Many bloggers dream of suddenly becoming the most-popular, most-read blog around. The money streams in left and right, and you can quit your day job and go about saving the world one blog post at a time.

However, that doesn’t happen for everyone. Blogging is much more than putting your thoughts in writing, posting them to the Internet and sharing the link to your thoughts with your Facebook friends. If you want to make money, you have to know how to make your blog earn money.

1. Find an audience

The most important thing you can do to help increase your blog traffic and make more money is identify the people in your audience. Your posts should speak to them. You should have them in mind when you create relevant, interesting content.

For example, if your blog is about cars and your audience is a group of car enthusiasts, posting about your favorite recipe – while interesting to you – is not going to drive traffic to your blog. You want your audience to want to share your blog posts. Speak to them – not at them.

2. Design your blog with user-friendliness in mind

Nothing is more annoying than a quickly thrown-together blog that isn’t very easy to navigate. Your blog should be simple, easy to navigate and clear. Everything needs its own space. Your blog posts should be organized by month and year.

You must create a unique design that’s not aesthetically overwhelming but rather simple to navigate, with a designated space for comments, contact information, an “about you section” and other information.

3. Get to know SEO

SEO is your new best friend. If you want your blog to make money, you have to learn SEO – even if you don’t want to. Search engine optimization sounds intimidating. Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t. Either way, you have to learn how to make sure your content uses key words, your headlines use key words and your key words are SEO-appropriate.

Building traffic isn’t simple for everyone. You’re a blogger. All you want is to make some money and spread the word that is your creativity. You don’t want to worry about anything else, which is why there are companies that help you learn about SEO, teach you what you need to know and help you optimize your key words.


Earning money from your blog is not at all impossible. It’s highly possible if you know what you’re doing, how to manipulate your blog to attract readers, how to market and how to use SEO.

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