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3 Tips to Get Plenty of Blog Comments

It seems like everyone has a blog these days. From Hollywood celebrities to your neighborhood auto mechanic, blogging not only gives people a personal voice on the Web, but it can be a great marketing tool for one’s business as well.

Whether you have an established blog or are just starting one, every blogger wants to receive lots of comments. They can be a source of inspiration to the writer by showing him or her that the writing has been noticed; they can also can increase the blog’s readership.

Below are three tips to get more comments on your blog.

1. Ask questions of your readers

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to spark a dialogue on your blog is to ask a question at the end of your post. Making a post interactive allows you to open the door to receive many comments.

Try to steer away from boring “yes” or “no” questions; ask engaging ones that require a longer response and some thought process. You can also recreate polls on your blog through a number of widgets. These polls will encourage readers to leave their feedback and opinions.

2. Reward readership

Always respond to comments that people leave, if you can. This lets your audience know you are paying attention to them and encourages more interaction.

It may become challenging, even frustrating, at times to keep up with all the comments, but if you stay consistent about doing it, this creates a world of difference in your blog stats and readership.

Another way to reward people for commenting is to create a link back to their website so they’ll get noticed by other folks. Or you can use a pertinent comment left by someone on your blog in a future post and put that person in the spotlight. He or she will love it, and others might be inspired to comment on the chance that they will be similarly highlighted.

3. “Do unto others”

The golden rule applies to the blogosphere — at least, it should. Many people enjoy getting comments, but negative ones or comments that do not seem sincere or thoughtful can take a toll on a blog owner.

When you leave comments on another blog, be sure they are respectful and exhibit some effort in the writing. They will be much appreciated!

Whether you are the owner of a successful traders blog or a stay-at-home mom blogging about her favorite recipes or child care practices, receiving comments can boost your self-esteem and your blog readership.

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