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4 Tips for the Success of Your Home Blog


Home is where the heart is. It’s also where the bloggers are, as home blogs are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you’ve created a home blog just for fun, or as a possible full-time job, you should know there is a lot of competition out there for readers. But with the right approach, your blog can quickly become popular. Here are four tips for your home blog:

1. Be relatable

Sometimes, home bloggers will focus on exotic, fancy homes. This can certainly be interesting, and readers do tend to like such posts, but always remember to write to your readers. Most of them don’t live in exotic, super-high-end homes.

Focus on topics such as how a normal person, on a regular budget, can furnish a home like a multimillionaire or a celebrity. Acknowledge that fancy homes are great, but your readers are here for something more realistic. You’ll attract tons of readers if you can relate to their needs, and most of your readers are going to have limited budgets and time when it comes to home improvements.

2. Focus on decorating

Many readers of home blogs are interested in home decor, so you should dedicate a portion of your blog to that topic. Discuss cool decorating ideas found in other homes, tips for how your readers can decorate their own homes, trends and more.

A fair share of your readers will visit your blog specifically because they are looking to decorate their home, so discuss practical ways they can implement these design tips themselves.

3. Focus on home improvement

Another popular topic among readers of home blogs is home improvement. Try to regularly post about the three “R’s”: renovation, remodeling and repair.

The level of detail you devote to these topics is up to you — some bloggers go into great detail, while others simply provide an educational overview. Regardless, you want to touch upon these topics because it’ll help your blog’s placement in search results, as well as address the interests of many of your potential readers.

4. Post plenty of pictures

Your writing style is ultimately going to be a big factor in what draws people to your blog. But a big advantage blogging has over print media is there is almost infinite space, so you can post as many pictures as you like.

People love to look at photos of beautiful homes, so nice pics are a big draw. Photographs (and drawings) are also a great teaching tool, especially when you’re discussing home repair. Whenever possible, try to include before, during and after photos of any projects you’re discussing.

Putting it all together

When these tips all come together, you end up with pages like this one about shutters for bay windows. There are many good practices here. There are enough technical specifications to satisfy a reader interested in remodeling, while there’s also enough information about their design to satisfy readers interested in decor. Plus, the entire page is peppered with pictures, so readers can get a very clear sense of what the shutters look like in a variety of settings.

This approach doesn’t just work for shutters; it works for a wide range of home topics. By following these guidelines, and implementing your own creative ideas, your home blog will have its virtual welcome mat out and you’ll be greeting new readers in no time.

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