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5 Unknown Secrets of Blogging Success

top_secret_blogging_tips_1_592x390So much is already said about blogging. If I ask you what is the secret of gaining success as a blogger, I’m sure you will answer that it’s all about regular posting, original content, using SEO and social media promotion. Almost everyone does that these days.

And how many of them left their jobs and fully devoted themselves to blogging? Not many, eh? This is because there are things that are usually left out of all these Top-10 lists. I’m glad to present you 5 blogging success tips you might not have used yet:

1. Networking is Key

We all know that it’s a must to answer the comments to your post and ask about the readers’ opinion.

But what can really break the deadlock with your blog is the kind of communication that is more than just politeness.

Politeness is ok, but when you stop by someone who can be a great hand of help either with your promotion or with content creation, do your best to establish a strong relationship with this person. Connections can take you so far that you couldn’t even imagine – so commit yourself to something more than “thank you” comments.

2. Your Expertise Must Be Outstanding

Yes, it MUST. In the niche you’ve chosen, there should be no one like you. If you’re one of the thousand middle managers in sales industry, who is going to read your articles besides your friends, some colleagues and several occasional passers-by? But if you are a top manager or CEO who was in charge of increasing the revenue drastically in just one year – you definitely have something unique to share with the readers. And they will agree to pay for this knowledge.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you must be a top class professional to share your expertise. A five-figured number of visitors (or above) can be achieved even by sharing your life stories or telling something people already know, but doing it in your own, unique manner. But this is a talent, too. Which brings me to number 3…

3. Be a Story-Teller

Even if you compose a new laptop review for your tech blog, turn it into a story. Everyone loves enjoyable small stories rather than simple information, this is a given.

The more personal you are, the more authentic you will seem. People always love to learn more about others. Just think about how popular reality TV is!

4. Master the Art of Internal Link Building

Links used in the post correctly are the perfect tool for holding the occasional visitor on your blog and make him interested in the meanwhile. Make the anchors intriguing and tempting to click. Creating inside-the-blog link connections provide you with better visibility, bigger traffic, and more readers – all at once!

5. Create Intrigue – Or a Scandal, If You Can

If you really want to make yourself a name as a blogger, you ca try to be shocking, provocative, mysterious (or the opposite – frighteningly frank). Tell some shocking stories from your life, argue with a famous blogger, etc. People love to be entertained, people enjoy scandal stories, so give it to them!

About the Author

Paul Smith got a thing to writing. His areas of expertise embrace blogging, social media, business and self-improvement. Paul works for and is available on Google+.

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5 Responses to '5 Unknown Secrets of Blogging Success'

  1. Can you elborate on the internal link building aspect of building a blog?

    • Diana says:

      Hey, Michael – Paul would probably address your question, but i wanted to jump in real quick. The internal link-building is a superb tactic to keep your reader browsing your blog.

      Let’s say you have written a blog post about “blogging success” and in this post you say one of the points of the success is networking – so in that paragraph, you can insert a link to another blog post you have previously written about networking and being a good member of the blogosphere.

      This way, you give the reader a link to click – which would lead them to another blog post you wrote and keep them busy browsing and reading your blog.

      You do this as much as you want across your blog posts – but a good rule of thumb would be 3-4 links for 800-1000 words post.

      This is a great tactic for reducing your bounce rate AND increasing the average visit duration and pages per visit metric – all related to better user engagement. Hope this helps 🙂

      • Lisha says:

        Hi Diana, thanks for jumping in to answer that question. And you did a great job explaining the benefits of link-building, and I must say I don’t do it enough here! 🙂

  2. Diana says:

    Great post, Paul – Nice guest author, Lisha 🙂

    I think most bloggers forget about your first point. I am horrified how many bloggers who fancy themselves as pros don;t take the time to address comments (even those with questions) – let alone build relationships. Something like “too big to fail” but instead, to bother.

    I should work on the storytelling part – thanks for the reminder! Sending you some social media love 🙂

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Diana, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge. I think the reason why some bloggers neglect comments is because there is so much to do when it comes to running a blog and on top of that, sometimes the blog is not the only thing a blog owner is running. People have to pick and choose what aspects to focus on because we all only have 24 hours every day to do all there is to do. Also, you never know what is going on in someone else’s life.

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