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4 Ways Tint Adds Value to Any Industry

tintWhether you’re in the sporting industry, the music one, or any in between, Tint could be a very valuable tool to use for your business or blog. It works by connecting to your social media platforms, so you can interact and engage with your followers much easier. Aggregate your social media platforms and imbed them within your website quickly and easily.

Here are some of the ways all this adds value to any industry.

Connect All Your Social Media Accounts

Trying to get people to follow your different social media accounts is difficult. Some will be on Facebook, while others want to use Twitter or Pinterest. However, you could have different updates on your different accounts and they’re useful for different types of interactions. With Tint, everything is collected in one place. All those hashtags you use and the different comments you receive will be shown together, so your customers, clients and fans can see them easily.

It is all done in an easy to read way, too. You get to decide on the layout and have more control than you would on the various social media accounts.

The content is placed directly on your website—or wherever you choose to embed it. This adds value for all your customers. There will be some who don’t follow you on any social networking websites, so they have no idea about the contests you’re running or the information you’re sharing. When they visit your website, they will easily see all the social media content and it improves their experience, instantly getting them to come back.

Create a Personalized Page

Another benefit is that your webpage is completely personalized for you. If you’re in the sporting industry, you can have a sporting style to the layout. If you’re in the music industry, add items that convey that without hassle. There are so many different aspects to personalise to get your industry and message across, including fonts, colours and backgrounds.

Adding your branding has never been easier. The system is set up with just a few quick clicks and your logo will show up on your page. You can make the background the same as the one on your own website, and even editing your posts is possible.

Creating the brand and adding it to your Tint page is the most valuable thing you can do. Customers will recognise a brand before anything else. If you’re one of those brands they recognise—and you will be rather quickly with this method—you will get more interaction and that leads to more sales and bigger profits.

Embed Straight to Your Website

Once you have your tint page all set up, you want to get it onto your website. You may even want to get it onto your Facebook page and more. This is very easy with Tint. You get a simple embed code and you add it to the exact location you want it. You can even add it to your mobile app!

But how does this help you? How does this really add value? With all the information from your different social media accounts in one place, you make it easier for your customers and fans to interact with you. And you get to see it all much quicker, giving you a better chance of engaging with them.

Easier engagement and interaction like this helps to increase the amount of time people spend on a website. The bounce rate has also been decreased, so Google gives you more love.

Make Following Contests Easier

You may want to set up a contest for your followers on your social networking websites. That’s a great way to get them more engaged, but it can be so hard to follow them. You need to find ways to easily keep track of the contests on the different networking websites. Tint makes this extremely easy. You can set up a unique hashtag just for your contest and then set it up so only those posts show up on your Tint page. You can see every time someone uses it without going back and forth between the different social networking websites.

You can also show the latest competition entries on your website. This is a great way to show off your followers’ works and styles. It increases your engagement, and gives something easy for people to share with their friends and followers.

Improve your interaction and engagement with Tint. This one platform is a very valuable thing, whatever industry you are in. It allows you to aggregate all the content from different social media websites and embed the personalized page on your website. You soon engage with all your customers easily and allow those not following you to see what you are up to.

About the Author

Phil Aye is a fantasy sports blogger at Sports Fantasy Drafts. He provides value and insight for the oldest independently owned fantasy sports website.

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