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7 Ultimate Tips and Tricks to Choose the Best Theme (topic) for Your Blog

Before I get into this post, WordPress has confused this issue a little by calling their blog templates themes. For the record, this article is about the theme of your blog in terms of what it is all about, the subject, the ambiance, the voice of your writing, the central message of your blog… the literary sense of the word “theme”. This post is not about the thousands of WordPress theme templates we all have to choose from.

A theme is the main focus of your blog which is covered in part every time you write a blog post. It is the focus that brings people back to your blog every week, and the reason why certain people come to your blog when others do not. Here are seven tips to help you pick the best theme for your blog, what your blog should be about, and how you should write your blog.

1. Something that you know and are interested in

The blogs that last the longest are the ones that allow you to express what you know and then research what you know as your blog grows. At some point your knowledge of a certain topic is going to start looking a little thin and you will be forced to search out new information that is relevant to your blog. If you are not really interested in the subject matter then they are going to start feeling like blogging is work.

Technically blogging is work, but just like gardening there may be a certain satisfaction that you can draw from it. If you are writing about something that you know about and are interested in then it is going to be more of a pleasure writing your blog posts. You will also be able to last a lot longer as your blog goes on because one of the main reasons why blogs don’t tend to last more than two years is because people get bored of what they are doing and go find something else to do.

2. Consider the target audience and how they will be engaged

Your theme should really match up with the target audience you are planning on engaging. If you are planning on attracting a programmer crowd, then a theme around 1920s music may not be the best, or if you want to attract motorcyclists then a theme around ponies may not bode well.

3. Consider the lifespan of your theme

Nothing lasts forever, so your blog about the greatest Betamax movies of all time may not live as long as you think. There are just some areas of interest that are not going to be of interest for very long, especially if you base your theme around a single celebrity.

4. If you are promoting a website then consider it within your theme

Your blog theme need not be a mirror of your website theme, but it needs to consider it. So a hardware store blog need not be sterile like the store, so creating a decorating tips website may work well so long as you link back to your hardware store somehow. Your blog theme can be fancy free so long as it nods to your website (and backlinks too it too).

5. Are you going to build a blog theme that others can contribute to?

This depends on the goal of your blog, but if it is entrenched within the business of your company or your website then other people outside of your company are not really going to be able to contribute. If you were hoping for waves of guest posters then you are going to have to think again. On the other hand, if you are planning on using your staff to do the posting then a blog theme all about your company is fine.

6. Is your theme idea search engine friendly?

This is a thought to the idea that some things are not going to help you rank highly. For example, Google is never too keen on ranking torrent websites very highly, or ones that discuss piracy, and there are adult sites or gambling sites that do not rank too highly. Plus, there are some words that are laced with competition that you will find hard to get to the top of the search engine results pages with.

7. How and where will you market your blog?

This is important when you think about the theme and general feel of your blog. If it is of an adult nature then you are going to have to consider where you may market it at a later date. If you are creating a blog all about ponies, then have you checked where you may market you blog and how you may get people to visit is via your marketing streams?

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