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My Wingless Angels

Everyone has heard of angels, and some have experienced their presence, but few address the less ethereal and more earth bound versions. I call them the wingless angels. They are those people that step in when you least expect it and lend a helping hand when you most need it. I know this because I have a pair of them watching over me. Let me tell you about it.

A few years back I received a settlement due to an injury I had contracted while at work. At this time I was living in beautiful Hawaii and really enjoyed life there. The climate was perfect for me, the people were friendly and the hiking was amazing. Not to mention the ocean views and snake free environment. Like most people I love Hawaii, however, I had to be honest with myself and admit that I wouldn’t be able to live there for much longer with the money at my disposition. The cost of living was just too high. Renting a room with bathroom and using someone else’s kitchen for $ 900/month just wasn’t going to cut the cake. At this rate for room-mating you can imagine the cost of a condo or house. Outrageous! So I decided it was time to pack up and find a cost friendlier environment on the mainland.

After mentioning my plans to a friend she asked how I felt about Idaho. I told her that I’d never given it a thought and asked her why she was asking. She said “Check it out and if you like it you can stay at the little farm we bought there. You’d be doing us a favor because it’s empty right now”. With an offer like that on the table I sat down and googled everything I could about Idaho. I found out that the cost of living was low, property prices were very reasonable, property taxes miniscule compared to Hawaii and it had great hiking. I was sold! I got rid of most of my possessions via craigslist and yard sales, packed the remaining belongings into two suitcases, took my friend up on her offer and moved to Idaho without having ever been there.

I loved it! Idaho was beautiful and my friend’s neighbors were such wonderful people. We spent many an evening together for dinner or drinks and developed a deep friendship. I love to cook, they love to eat, a win/win situation for sure. Within a month I had found my new home. It was a small 2 bedroom/1bath farmhouse, on 1 ½ acres, out in the boonies. Of course there is no public water supply and I would have to rely on the well. I have to admit I’m very picky when it comes to my water and I told my realtor to make sure the water was good quality before I closed on the house. Well she dropped the ball and didn’t check the report so I assumed all was as I had requested. She also hired a home inspector for me and he said everything was in great shape. Wonderful! Deal closed and ready to renovate.

When I talked to the contractor I hired for the renovation everything looked and sounded hunky-dory. The quote he gave me was very reasonable and I was pleased. What I didn’t know at the time was that this was his “usual” quote and that it would be adjusted frequently as we went along. Not only did I have to redo the entire floor and foundation because of dry rot, I had to re-roof and put in new windows. At the end it cost me five times as much as had been planned and four years of income I would have had. Alas, it was gone. Time to get to work!

I found a job as a writer and really loved it and was successful at it. Then the next slap in the face came. In December I was laid off together with a large number of my colleagues. Now, at a point in my life where I was just getting ready to be able to start saving again, after the tremendous over-spending on the house, I was back to ground zero. I wasn’t eligible for unemployment because I hadn’t worked long enough. So it was from decent money to zero in 10 seconds. That’s when I got to see the halo on my wingless angels.

Becoming more and more depressed, after being declined from one job application after the next, it wasn’t long before my friends picked up on my situation. I told them that I was going to start selling my jewelry to be able to pay my utilities and insurance, and that I wouldn’t be coming over very often, because I had to save gasoline. They offered to loan me money, which I declined because I was too ashamed. When I opened my phone at home I saw that one of my angels had put a 100 dollar bill in it. I just started crying with gratitude and relief. I called them and thanked them and was told it was so that I could come visit them whenever I wanted to. It didn’t end there they re-offered to help me until I found a job, paying my insurance premiums, my utilities and giving me extra for food.

I hope to one day repay them for all their kindness and love. It’s very humbling to have to rely on others when you’re in need, but not so with these wingless angels. They left me my dignity and showed me that if you really care for someone you can help take care of them. They sure took care of me. This one is for Myra and Dennis and all those wingless angels out there doing good and giving hope to those in need. WINGS needed: if you find the wings pictured above I know who they belong to and so do you.

About the author

Peggy McCarty has lived, worked and moved all over the U.S. and Europe on the search for the perfect place to call home. So far the only place she really feels at home is the keyboard: “It helps to ground me knowing that I can share all I’ve learned with others and continue learning from them.” Connect with Peggy on Google+.

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