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5 Easy Ways to Get Customers To Refer Their Friends To You


Word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful form there is; when people hear their friends rave about a company, product or service, they want to give it a try. That’s why it literally pays to develop customer referral programs for your business. Here are five easy ways to get customers to refer their friends to you.

1. Discount Referral Cards

Print referral cards to hand to your current customers when they check out. Consider developing a unique promotion in which a customer gets, say, a 5 percent discount for every friend they bring in with them (with their contact information filled out on the referral card), up to a total of 30 percent off. Their friends get the discount, too. Thus, you’ll attract shopping spree groups of up to six people, each eager to buy.

2. Social Media Giveaway

Here’s a cool referral promotion for your social media marketing: encourage users to share your special sales with a friend. For every person that “likes” your page from customers’ share, you can award 1 percent off. Thus, is a woman shares your links with 25 friends, she will receive a printable coupon worth 25 percent off. There are apps available that can make it easy to tell how many likes each fan generates.

This is a cool way to make your brand feel contemporary and encourage customers to spread the word about your products and services on their own social media pages.

3. Make a Donation

Charities can drive tons of sales; thus, it might be a good investment to donate a portion of every sale to a given charity. The charity will no doubt want to send business your way. Moreover, you can encourage customers to “donate” by referring friends; for each friend they refer, you might, for example, donate a dollar to the cause. This makes customers feel good about buying your products and services, and they’ll be back for more. Plus, you’ll feel good about contributing toward a worthy cause.

4. Hand Out Two Business Cards

It amazes me how many companies never hand business cards to their customers, much less hand them too. Business card printing is super cheap, so instead of handing customers one business card (intended for them to personally keep), hand them two: one for them, the other for a friend. You can tell them that directly or incorporate clever designs that make the second card’s purpose obvious or even fun.

5. Ask

Your customers already enjoy doing business with you, and they likely want you to stay around to serve them. The point is, many customers want to see you continue to be successful, and they’re happy to help you achieve it. If you want your customers to bring their friends to your place-of-business, sometimes all you have to.

About the Author

Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint

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2 Responses to '5 Easy Ways to Get Customers To Refer Their Friends To You'

  1. Dean Saliba says:

    Creating a Facebook giveaway campaign really jumps out at me, I’ve seen so many on the site over the years that I think I might give it a go, if people are willing to share a picture for a chance of winning an iPad or a huge amount of cash then maybe they will be willing to share an image or post in order to win a program or a piece of software to HELP them make money. 🙂

    Although my experience with running contests has been an epic failure, I’ve run two in my time and have received a grand total of NO entries. 🙁

    • Lisha says:

      Hey Dean. Keep trying. And I see you do a lot of networking. Keep building up your network of relevant people who share the same interests as you (or what you blog about). I’ve been getting into facebook ads recently because the targeting is so specific. One idea I also came up with which is free, is to post to y our facebook fan page, and then like, comment, and share the post as yourself to your own profile so all your friends see it. Also, to build up your friends list, try friending people in groups that are of interest to you, or relevant to your blog…

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