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5 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Bringing Results

business graphPeople create blogs for different reasons. But surely, many blogs exist to yield results for the owners.

It may seem easy and simple from the outside, but managing a blog and making it grow to magnanimous proportions can be a challenge. Some people have been blogging for years but have yet to manage a decent following. They may be updating often but they still lack page views and there’s no income being generated generously from the blog.

There are numerous reasons why it’s not working for you. Sometimes, multiple causes are at play simultaneously. It varies from blog to blog, but basically, the most common reasons are:

1. Your blog doesn’t have clear goals

Before you can even say that your blog is a success, you need to have goals. What’s the barometer for results when you’re not sure what you want to achieve from your blog? If you know exactly what you want, you can plan on how you will achieve these goals. After all, aren’t the successful people the ones who know what they want and how to get it?

The same goes for blogging. Do you need to have sustainable income from your blog earnings? Do you want to gain sponsorship? Is Google ranking your only goal? To achieve results, then have goals and plan out how you can gain them.

2. There’s no regular posting schedule

Set a time and a day of the week in which you’ll be publishing new posts. If you do this regularly, you’ll build a pattern and it also indicates to your readers that you always update on that day. So generally, it also helps your reader build a pattern.

It’s best to update your blog daily, though it can seem like a difficulty, a simple heads up can already notify your readers of new posts. Blogging schedule is necessary when you want to build a steady stream of visitors.

3. The blog content lacks meat and originality

For your blog to be visited regularly and enthusiastically by readers, it’s necessary that you provide them with quality content that’s informative and insightful. Produce fresh content that your readers most likely won’t see somewhere online.

It’s not good that you simply rehash other articles and try to pass it off as unique. To entice your reader to click more entries on your blog, show them content that can tickle their imagination and excite their senses.

4. The engagement level of your blog is non-existent

Do you even try to engage with your readers? Replying to comments and feedback is just a part of the interaction you should be having with readers.

If you really want to sustain an engagement with them, then carry out social media marketing in which you play an engaging personality not just in the blog but also in other social networking accounts. Drop by your readers’ blogs and post the way they post in yours. In your blog, try to fish for their reaction by posting thought-provoking questions at the end of every post.

5. It’s not visually-pleasing nor engaging to read

One of the main reason for the dismaying bounce rate of your site is the hard-on-the-eye layout. The content isn’t the only thing that matters.

Make sure that the text is easy to read and there’s a lot of white space to make reading more comfortable. It doesn’t have to be a top-of-the-line theme, but a simple one that draws attention on the content is appropriate. You don’t have to eliminate everything on your sidebar, just make it more visually-pleasing.

It’ll never be easy enough to achieve for the highest possible results in blogging. But as a blogger, it’s better to work on it and show dedication in your desire to achieve a bigger platform of expression. So if you want to achieve results, know what you want, know your audience, and know how you can connect with them.

About the Author

Ella Myers is a writer and proofreader for UK Best Essays. She’s currently finishing her novel and hopes to publish it by next year.

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