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How Social Media Is (still) Changing Our Lives Personally and In Business

twitter_tipsWe live in an era when social media and social networking sites are an integral part of our existence. It has in fact become the most significant part of the modern civilization and has changed how people used to communicate with each other.

With the advent of some most popular social networking sites in the history of internet, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and google+, we’ve more than one reason to cheer and share what we feel and think. Freedom of expression may be a basic right for all of us, but it was with the advent of these social giants that did true justice to this right, both personally, and for business use as well.

The Impact of Social Media on Our Lives

1. Freedom of Interaction
Social media is so far the best medium for interacting with people and, in fact, irrespective of language and national barriers. With the help of many social networking sites present today, one can actually interact and share one’s opinions with so many people that was never possible in earlier times. Communication and sharing is free (and complication-free) and there is simply no restriction on the way a person communicates with his friends and strangers which implies complete freedom of interaction.

2. News travels faster than light
One would easily get to know what is happening on the streets of America while using a social media site in London or India, such is the power of social networking sites. News is not just quickly accessible for the people who use social media, but important information and urgent news spreads like wild fire too with the social media.

3. So many things to learn
Social media is not just about making friends and interacting with them. It is a platform where we can showcase our talents, express our opinions, gain popularity, and learn so much useful information at the same time. Information of all sorts is available on these social sites and one can gain a lot in the form knowledge and talents by making a few of the right connections.

The above points clearly highlight how social media is changing our lives for good.

The Importance of Social Media for Business

There is not an iota of doubt that social media is extremely rewarding for the individuals in a number of ways but it is pertinent to know that it serves extremely well for all the businesses out there. The following points highlight the importance of social media for business:

  • Social media marketing- the biggest advantage
    The presence of several social networking sites and their popularity among people across the globe is beneficial for all business people. Marketing as we all know comprises the most important aspect of making huge profits and increasing sales, and social media marketing is the best thing to take advantage of these days. A business must always be in touch with social media sites in order to grab quick attention of their target customers and fulfill their demands at the earliest possible moment in order to gain a competitive edge.

  • E-commerce
    Electronic commerce or e-commerce is the biggest revolution that businesses today are dealing with. This concept helps a business to get in touch with customers and even their partners easily. However with the advent of social media, this interaction has become all-the-more interesting and in-expensive. A business organization, especially ones with a tight budget, no longer have to purchase costly e-commerce software because social media serves all their purpose with much ease.

  • Brand building is much easier
    There was a time when building a name and brand for one’s business organization took many years. However with the advent of social media and several networking websites, this process is a lot easier and swifter. Today, nearly 83% of people like to connect with brands with via Facebook or twitter. This implies that the business names appearing on these websites can gain instant popularity among potential customers and clients.

  • Direct interaction with customers
    In today’s business world ‘the customer is regarded as the real king’ so no organization can function successfully without satisfying the king. Thus businesses satisfy their customers well only when they know what their target customer actually feels about their products and services. And this activity is done easily by taking advantage of social media in the form of conducting various interactive market surveys, polls, comments, and even contests.


At this point, it is very clear that social media is important for the expansion and growth of one’s business. People today or more specifically the customers today spend more time on the social networking sites than they spend on any other activity and social media has become a part and parcel of their very existence, thus in my opinion why you need to integrate social media for your business is crystal clear.

Businesses can’t exist in isolation and especially today when one can do so much to expand their business organizations and social media in a way actually provides ample opportunities to all businesses to exploit their name and popularity and reach a wider audience.

More than half of the entire world’s population is registered on one or more social networking sites and this is reason why nearly 52% and 36% of the marketers obtained their customer base from Facebook and Twitter, respectively, last year.

All in all, social media is one such platform where businesses can gain a lot whilst putting forth the least amount of effort, and this is the reason why I recommend the use of social media to all business organizations today.

About the Author

Nancy Badillo is an online marketer with 5 years of experience and also a blogger at She has a vast background in SEO and PPC. Stay updated with her most recent post about online marketing. Follow Nancy on Twitter.

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