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Will a Lame Domain Name Sabotage Your Blog?

lame_domain_nameHow much time do you spend coming up with a domain name for your new site? Do you spend hours sorting out keyword research and checking competition or do you go with your gut instinct and grab a domain name that sounds like a good fit.

There are many things that will make your blog or website a winner. We all know that it must have:

  • Unique, quality content to draw repeat visitors and lure in loyal readers and of course, the coveted search engines
  • Increasing amounts of traffic so that your brilliant writing can be read and appreciated
  • Something to sell whether you have your own products or you opt to go with someone else’s product as an affiliate


But what if you have a lame domain name?

How do you know if you have a lame domain name?

Before you get all nervous and panicky and break out in a sweat, let me suggest that you may not have a lame domain name at all – it may not be your domain name that’s at fault. I’ve seen many a blog or website do quite well with a name I would never have thought to choose.

So what made their site a success and draw readers? Well many factors certainly – let’s look at a few here:

Pinpoint the Purpose and Focus of Your Blog or Website

It is ever important that you fully understand the intent of your site. You must be able to write this down in much the same manner as stating your elevator speech. You know the routine – someone asks you what your site is about and you must explain it succinctly and to the point enough that the person gets the idea before the elevator door opens.
Then post this somewhere that you will see it often so that your site stays on track. A site that wanders off topic is as destructive as a derailed train.

Get to Know Your Target Audience

When you hit the nail on the head here, your domain name may not be all that important. You must simply discover what it is your audience needs that you can provide. When you provide the information your potential readers are searching for, or solve a nagging problem, you be able to build a devoted following. They may even bookmark your site or better yet opt in on your offer and join your all-important list.

Latch onto Social Media

Today’s red carpet form of networking is through social media. So get active. Stay true to your site’s focus and purpose and get active. Create a Facebook fan page and post daily, do not use your personal page. Join like-topic Facebook groups and interact.

Join Twitter and tweet notices of your new blog posts or website updates with an enticing statement to encourage readers to click. Follow others with similar interests or those that you can learn from and they may follow you back. The point again is to grow your exposure.

Don’t overlook the value of Google+. You want the attention of Google’s search engines right? Then join their crowd, post often and add to people to your circles and ask to join theirs. These are the breadcrumbs you leave to entice visitors to your site.

Guest Blog Frequently

Just like I’m doing here, find those blogs that accept guest posts and ask to submit. There are abundant sites that welcome guest bloggers but be sure to check out their rules to make sure you follow deliver on what it is they are looking for.

There are even blogs that are simply a series of guest blog posts, just be sure you are submitting to sites that your future followers will want to read. This is a super method for getting quality backlinks to your site and you may pick up a new subscriber or two.

So you see it may not be that you have a lame domain name. If your blog or website is not as prosperous as you would like, it may not be your domain name at all. I venture to say it is your interaction with your audience and their community that attracts readers and helps to expand your crowd.

Wishing you great success and hope to see you around!

About the Author

My name is Marilyn Thompson and I’m a blogger, motivator, and online biz dream solver at I want to help you become the blogging entrepreneur of your dreams! Follow me on Twitter and connect with me on Facebook.

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