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A Quick and Free Way to Get More Exposure to Your Facebook Fan Page Posts – I Personally Got a 500% Increase After Using This Trick


Facebook has been making it so that facebook fan page posts don’t end up on the homepage newsfeeds as much as before. So I’ve been trying to think of ways to make up for that.

I like to come up with super easy ways to leverage the free tools that are already there that I’m already using, and an idea sparked up in my brain a few weeks ago and I wanted to share that with you here because this tip will be relevant for as long as Facebook exists (which will probably be for a very long time).

What you do is first, you schedule posts to your facebook fan page. Optimize them with an image (I like 400×400 sized images) and include a reason for people to share it.

Read about my Facebook fan page word search posts campaign I did here.

Below your encouragement to share your post, write a sentence or two relevant to the image. Maybe say something inspirational or informational. Something of value.

Then encourage people to Like, comment, and share the post again.

Also, write out “Like @[facebookfanpagename] on Facebook for more awesome stuff like this” (or something like that).

Once your post is posted, change to using facebook as yourself and go like, comment, and share the post.

My personal development facebook fan page only has about 42 Likes right now, but I have 367 friends. For the word searches I liked, commented, and shared on about 30 people saw it, but for the word searches I didn’t share through my own facebook profile, only about 6 people saw it. So that’s basically a 500% increase. Obviously if I had 5,000 fans, and only 367 friends, then it would probably be smaller than a 500% increase of people who saw each post. But for a facebook page that has very few Likes, this is a good way to get more exposure to the page and it only takes a couple seconds.

Also, leverage facebook even more by going into relevant groups, or onto similar fan pages and “friending” like-minded people who are interacting in the relevant groups or on the relevant facebook pages. That way those people who become your friends will be those who are very active on twitter, who comment a lot, and then you can market to those people by sharing your facebook fan page posts through your personal profile. Then some of those people will like, comment, and share your posts, and possibly like your fan page and bring more interaction to your own facebook fan page. Don’t worry about friending people who aren’t very active. You can only have 5,000 friends on facebook, so you want the best friends you can possibly have. You can have infinite Likes for a facebook fan page, so by gaining lots of friendships with like-minded people, you are also increasing your chances to get more facebook fan page Likes.

When you friend someone on facebook who doesn’t know you personally, message them to let them know how you found them. Another good thing to do is to comment on their comments in the group or facebook page where you found them.

But the main point of this post is to like, comment, and share all your facebook fan page posts through your personal facebook profile to maximize the exposure of your facebook fan page posts.

Got a quick tip? Share it in a comment! Thanks!

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2 Responses to 'A Quick and Free Way to Get More Exposure to Your Facebook Fan Page Posts – I Personally Got a 500% Increase After Using This Trick'

  1. Vicky says:


    Wonderful tips for facebook pages and I must say these are really helpful tips to get lot of exposure.

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