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Are Postcards Perfect Marketing Tools?


Most online businesses don’t even think to do offline marketing. Mailing out postcards to physical addresses on a targeted mailing list just never crosses their mind. They seem to stay online with all their marketing efforts, mainly collecting email addresses. But if you’re not even trying offline marketing strategies, you might be missing out on half of your potential clients/customers, and thus possibly beating out your competition with one simple technique.

Are postcards perfect marketing tools? That’s the question I’ve set out to answer. Below, I’ve detailed what makes a perfect marketing tool and weighed in on whether I think postcards fit the bill.

What makes a perfect marketing tool?

Before we can determine whether postcards are perfect marketing tools, we must first ascertain what traits make a marketing tool perfect to begin with. I submit that a perfect marketing tool would exhibit the following qualities:

  • Easy to produce: It’s important that the perfect marketing tool be incredibly easy to produce. Ease-of-production will dictate how viable a given marketing tool is, especially for repeat use.
  • Easy distribution: The perfect marketing tool will be easy to distribute. Distribution channels should be reliable and efficient.
  • Minimal investment: You might have to spend money to make money, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money. The perfect marketing tool should require only a minimal investment so small businesses can cash in.
  • Well-targeted: The perfect marketing tool should be easy to get in front of a highly targeted audience – those who share your best customer demographics and are likely buyers.
  • Proven track record: Finally, the perfect marketing tool should have a proven track record for success. While no one can guarantee your offer, call to action, design or copy will resonate with customers regardless of how it’s delivered, the perfect marketing tool should at least have a history of earning excellent results when they deliver good pitches.
  • Are postcards perfect marketing materials?

    Based on the aforementioned criteria, I would say yes, postcards are perfect marketing materials. First, they’re easy to produce. In fact, you can even print postcards using professionally designed templates. Next, distribution is a snap: the U.S. Postal Service takes care of that for you, and you can even have your printing company address them and ship them for you.

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    Postcards are cheap to print, and though postage rates have steadily risen in recent years, bulk postcard mailing is still the cheapest way to mail. Postcards are also well-targeted, provided you employ an excellent mailing list; and, they have a proven record of success. In fact, postcard-to-website marketing is one of the most effective strategies today.

    Now, you might define the perfect marketing tool as one that generates perfect response rates and ROI – both are impracticable, because you’ll never achieve a 100 percent response rate nor a billion percent return on investment. That said, if you refuse to accept anything as perfect unless it actually achieves perfection, you can believe this: if you have a great offer and a well-targeted mailing list, postcards are as near as perfect marketing tools as you’ll get.

    What do you think? Are postcards perfect marketing tools? Have you ever tried mailing out postcards as a marketing campaign?

    About the Author

    Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint

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2 Responses to 'Are Postcards Perfect Marketing Tools?'

  1. wajid khan says:

    The reason postcard marketing is so popular today is simple: postcards work. Postcards are reliable and even customer-appreciated marketing materials you can count on to deliver excellent return on investment – especially when paired with a great offer and targeted mailing list.

  2. It really depends on the audience that you’re trying to reach. But, the bottom line is that postcards are indeed cheaper and easy to market. Making sure the content is high quality is key. If there’s no call to action, there’s no point. Thanks for sharing!

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