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How to Curate and Create Amazing Content in the Digital Era


The creation of content has never been so abundant in human history. In fact, every day there are more than 500 million tweets and 3 million new blog posts published.

Some bloggers might even think that it is no longer about the pure creation of content, but finding it on the web, modifying and adapting it to their public. They are actually dedicating their jobs to content curation and adaptation of the content for their readers.

Through their curated content they collect, organize and display the best, most relevant content, on a specific topic or theme of interest that they think their readers will love and enjoy, others use it as a source of inspiration or to find other bloggers that like to write about similar things. In fact, content curation can help you have faster a successful online presence.

But the real problem comes down to the problem of discovering all this content, the one that is really relevant or can inspire you write your next blog posts that kick ass.

Collecting and organizing the most relevant sources (RSS’s and bookmarks) and content to create its own is becoming a full time job that bloggers can no longer do without some extra help. This is where the smart filters come into play.

Smart and Radical Content Filters

Smart filters are the best utility that can actually “learn” what content their users enjoy by the interactions they have.

Bloggers can use this extra help to get faster and improved content that they can then use with their readers. It is no longer about “How do I search it?” or “Where do I get inspiration from?” or “Will I have to scan all this list to find anything interesting? *sigh*”. Instead you will say: “Let’s read this great article and begin writing”.

Actually, bloggers might begin to think in another kind of “SEO”, one that really goes with great content and that goes the other way, away from Google’s monopoly. Smart filters are helping disrupt the content discovery on the web.

In case you don’t know yet some of these tools, here you’ll find a list of the most relevant and useful ones:

Zite customizes an evolving delivery system based on what it is learning about you. The more you use it, the better it gets. is a free service that takes links from the people you follow on Twitter and organizes those links into a virtual paper for easy reading.
noosfeer is a new tool that aims to improve the users experience, not by overflowing your content feed with popular, ephemeral and viral stuff, but, with articles that really count. Their special take on the web personalization is getting a lot of traction.

Flipboard is on a quest to transform how people discover, view and share content by combining the beauty and ease of print with the power of social media.

Feedly is a news aggregator application for various Web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android, also available as a cloud-based service.

I hope you’ll enjoy discovering your personalized content on the web.

About the author

David Gordillo is a simulation engineer and author that has dedicated his career to predict the future by programming super-computers. He has published two novels about the philosophy of serendipity and has been coding since his early teen years. His conviction is to have knowledge equality for everyone.

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