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The Best Things in Life Are Basic (Including in Business)


My mom sent me a letter in the mail with a couple quotes on it. One read “When in doubt, go to the beach.” I live about a block from the beach and my mom is all about health and destressing, so this one was not a surprise coming from her.

The other quote said, “The best things in life are basic.”

That one really resonated with me. I looked it up to see who it was attributed to, and as it turns out, it isn’t attributed to a “who” but to a company.

basic_cigarettesA cigarette company. Basic to be exact.

Interesting. Funny almost, because I despise cigarettes and the addiction it causes, the smoke filling the air, and the cigarettes that are thrown from car windows causing huge California wildfires, like the ones that occurred in May of 2014.

I do have a few thoughts on this though.

Cigarette Companies Are Smart

Although unethical, cigarette companies are some of the smartest around. They are selling an addictive substance. It’s the easiest thing to sell. So easy that they aren’t even allowed to advertise, and yet they still come out ahead every year, even though there are tons of campaigns and advertisements that come out against smoking, and also in spite of the well known fact that tobacco kills and nicotine is addictive.

No matter how smart cigarette companies are, I don’t suggest that we all pursue business ideas that take advantage of people. The best kind of money is the kind that is earned doing something morally sound, so you can sleep with a good conscience.

What I do suggest is you come up with an idea that makes sense. Do people salivate at the thought of your product? (metaphorically speaking, of course). If not, make it better, or go into a different niche.

People salivate at the thought of the latest iphone update, even if it’s just new colors to choose from.

Some people salivate at the thought of McDonald’s french fries–and although those aren’t very good for you either, in moderation I believe it’s quite fine to enjoy a Mc-A-Dee’s fry every once in awhile.

Keep It Super Simple

The best things in life truly are basic. A simple business idea can become the best idea, and the easiest to run.

in-n-out-menuA California born burger joint franchise (In-N-Out) is one of the most simple restaurants and also one of the most successful burger companies relative to the amount of stores they have.
<--That's their entire menu! See how simple it is? Currently only 290 locations in four US states, (California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas), and no where else in the world, In-N-Out earned an estimated $625 million in 2012. The current owner of In-N-Out, Lynsi Torres, is currently the youngest female billionaire in America. In-N-Out is also one of the best paying fast food restaurants in the biz.

Simple Business

Adam Nolan, started out in the field of Psychology, and in 2010, entered the internet marketing world, bringing his first business from $0 to $100,000 that year.

Almost a year ago, I stumbled upon him and purchased his passive print course, which tells you how to create a simple monthly e-newsletter to replace your income. That’s the actual course that got me to finally start my personal development business and newsletter. Of course, I tend to complicate things, and I recently realized I need to stop doing that, and just keep it simple. My life will be easier and more relaxing that way.

The KISS Method

I’m definitely in Summer mode now, so my work is kind of taking a backseat compared to enjoying the nice sunny weather and spending more time at the beach.

The KISS method really is the way to go in life and in business. Learn how to simplify your life. Stop buying so much stuff, stop worrying about accumulating materialistic things, stop trying to complicate your life and your business.

Take some time to smell the roses, spend more time with your loved ones and on the hobbies you enjoy.

Exercise, relax. Plan and then implement, and stop trying to constantly improve and fix things.

All is well and all will be well.

Success is enjoying the life you have.

Keep it simple, stupid 😉

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2 Responses to 'The Best Things in Life Are Basic (Including in Business)'

  1. Truly inspiring post, Lisha – thank you for this, i needed it today 🙂

    Success really IS enjoying the life you have. or better yet – enjoying life, period.

    Ah, why is keeping it simple so hard most of the time 🙂
    By the way, i wanted to see your personal development business and newsletter but the link returned 404 error page not found. Please fix it so i can check i out 😉

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Diana, I know, it is hard to just keep it simple, isn’t it? We just have to remind ourselves each day 🙂

      Thanks for letting me know about the broken link. I fixed it 🙂

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