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How to Make The Changes That Always Lead to Success


You may have been going through lots of roller-coaster rides lately. This could be divorce, bad finances, drugs, alcohol, disappointments, lost job, and more.

Although, life is full of ups and downs, inside this same world, many have gone from being unhappy to living in happiness, unfilled to fulfillment, and misery to financial freedom. How did they achieve these things? These people made some changes which led to the success they’re now enjoying. Let’s talk about how you too can make these simple changes to your life and become successful as a result.

No matter what you’re going through right now, this article offers helpful tips that will help you manage problems effectively. It doesn’t matter what kind of problems they are.

Have You Been Taking The Right Actions?

If you’ve been getting unsatisfactory results from the things you’re doing, it might be that you’re taking the wrong actions.

To take the right actions, you need a positive mind state. There’s no way you’ll make the right decisions with a negative mind.

Having a negative mind may be the major reason why you’re currently going through life’s struggles.

You have to be aware that better results can only come from making better decisions and better decisions only comes from a postive mind.

In fact, taking less better actions may lead to getting much better results. You may say this is a false statement but just compare the hard working yet struggling people with wealthy individuals who have lots of spare time and also living a well fulfilled life.

After reading this article, I hope you start taking the right actions which leads to more success. The below tip is the crucial first step.

Define Success With Absolute Clarity

It’s time to take a look at where you are today and where you want to be in the next few years. What is it that you have a burning desire to achieve?

What people call success is always changing from time to time. Except you’ve clearly defined in detail what you call success, making the right decisions will only gets more difficult.

You should pick a pen and paper and answer the following questions:

  • What is success for you?
  • Do you know what success looks like?
  • What will you be doing when you achieve that success?
  • Who will you be in it?
  • How will your life be different when you achieve success?

As you answer the above questions, lots of childish thoughts would come into your mind. They are not childish at all. Make sure you write everything:

What car you want to be driving. The exact place you want to be living. How much money you want to be earning. The number of employees you want to have. Write them down in that piece of paper!

If you don’t write all these things on a piece of paper where you can always see it, you’ll never know when you’ve arrived at your dream.

Many people think of success like a package that arrived almost immediately or the next day but it doesn’t work like that.

Success takes constant daily, weekly, or monthly efforts. It doesn’t happen overnight. Every single step you take moves you closer to achieving your goals.

Defining your success with absolute clarity will help you stay focused on your goals. It will give you the energy to continue working towards them…

When your goals lacks absolute clarity, you’ll change and adjust them too often. This could lead to feeling frustrated and discouraged. Negative thoughts would also starts cropping up in your mind, and as a result of this, your confidence and energy may become drained.

Clarity is the power to getting anything you want. It’s a great way to run your life. It helps you focus on things you want and quickly get rid of things you don’t want.

Overcome Insecurities And Build Confidence

Insecure people lack confidence in their own abilities to make things happen. They also find it extremely hard trusting themselves and others.

Fear is a common trait found in people with insecurities. They are always afraid that something will go bad. Some insecure people may predict that something good is only temporary.

I’ve seen some people confusing insecurity with humility, which is wrong.

Humility involves recognizing one’s shortcoming, but also maintaining a healthy self-confidence in one’s ability to make things happen.

If insecurity is present in your mind, you may constantly feel shy, suspect, and judge people, this is not a good trait to have at all. It makes realizing one’s dreams more difficult.

The good news is insecurity can be overcome, but it won’t happen within a short time. It takes patience and consistent efforts of developing a positive mental atitude and learning to trust one’s capabilities to make things happen.

Confidence is the opposite of insecurity. When you gain clarity, confidence is what you get. To achieve your biggest goals in life, you need a high amount of confidence.

No matter how small or big the goals you’ve set to accomplish for yourself, every one of them will have some form of obstacles you’ll need to overcome before you can reach your goals.

Maintaining your confidence is the only security you need to realize your dreams. Without a healthy confidence, you can just forget about every other things.

Associate With The Influencers

The people you frequently associate with can help shape and mold your life. They even dictates what you achieve…

Before now, if you’ve been associating yourself with negative people, I guess it’s time to stop that if you really want to achieve something worthwhile in your life.

There are two kinds of people living in this world: the toxic and the nourishing people.

Toxic people say negative things. They dwell too much on the bad side… You’ll notice that they rarely talk about positive things.

On the other hand is nourishing people. This group of people wants to see you grow. They’re always supportive and positive. They find ways to lift your spirit. They are the people you should be hanging around with.

If you hang around with negative people, they’ll make sure they drag you down to their level. This is because, they will tell you things that are impossible: the bad economy, why the future isn’t looking very good for your idea, they will also tell you about their own bad experiences.

If you listen too much to toxic people, you’ll become depressed and drained. This won’t help you achieve any success. In fact, it will kill your dreams.

Try to remember the last time you’re with a nourishing person. I have no doubt you felt inspired and encouraged that day. This is exactly what you need to gain energy and confidence needed to achieve success in whatever you’re doing.

Don’t say you don’t have choice about who you spend your time with. It’s time you carefully select the nourishing people you want to associate with. Who are they? And how can you develop strong relationship with them?

The Internet offers a great medium to meet and maintain friendship with positive people but you shouldn’t limit what you do to the Internet alone. You should make a commitment to regularly meet people in your positive group offline. This can be once a week or month. Nothing can ever beat face-to-face meetings.

As you spend more time with supportive and positive people, you’ll start having their traits and automatically begin using them in your quest to achieve success.

Anytime you’re beginning to lose focus or feel sluggish, you should meet a person in your positive group. This will certainly help you feel positive and more upbeat about your chances of realizing your dreams.

Something incredible happens when you continue to associate yourself with positive people: The law of Like Attracts Like starts to kicks in. You’ll begin to attract more positive people into your life. And the outcome is, you start to move up on the ladder of success.

Create Habits That Leads to Success

If you’ve been experiencing a high amount of stress in the process of achieving your goals, it might be that you’ve not been doing what moves you closer to your dreams.

Achieving success in any field or profession is tied with following the right rituals and habits.

Let’s talk about those habits that separates the rich from the poor. If you’re not constantly engage in these habits, you’re depriving yourself of wealth, happiness and good health.

Take Daily Steps Towards Your Goals

The starting point of getting anything you want lies in your daily habits.

After you’d set your goals, you need to recognize those habits that moves you closer to achieving them.

If you’ve recognized these habits, make sure you do them every single day.

For example, if your goal is to publish a book, you should set a daily writing targets that moves you closer to realizing this goal.

One of the major reason why many people spend most of their lives living in misery is because they have too many bad habits and very few good habits.

If you really want to realize your biggest dreams in the next few years, you should take out a sheet of paper and list all your bad habits along with how you intend to turn them into good habits.

Below is an example of what I’m talking about.

Bad Habit/ Good Habit

I watch too much TV. I’ll limit myself to one hour of TV per day.

I don’t meditate. I will meditate for ten minutes per day.

The above are just two examples of the bad habits you may want to turn into good habits.

If you can sincerely list all your bad habits and turn them into good habits using the simple suggestion revealed above, within a very short time, you’ll notice that you’ll have lesser bad habits and more good habits.

Having more good habits means you’re on the right path to wealth, good well-being, happiness and freedom.

Create And Follow Your Plans

Planning is crucial to achieving any worthy success in life. Without a good plan, you’re already destined to fail.

Successful people do not only have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals, they also have plans on how they intend to reach each of their goals.

Improve Yourself

The most successful people are individuals who are always seeking ways to improve themselves in activities that moves them closer to their goals.

Constant self improvement is very important, though it will stretch you a little bit, it will eventually make the realization of your dreams faster. Therefore, I urge you to activitely seeks ways to expand your knowledge in things you do.

Take Care of Your Health

I think this point is more important than any other suggestion you’ll find on this page.

Without taking good care of your personal health, you’ll be making it more difficult for you to pursue, achieve and enjoy success in life. You should be aware that there’s nothing you can do without a good health. Its just priceless.

Eating right, exercising regularly, avoiding acohol and cigarettes are some of the things you should do if you want good health.

Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is one of the major obstacles preventing many people from achieving their biggest dreams.

You’ll remain at the bottom for a very long time even if you make use of every other suggestion given on this page but still continue to procrastinate.

To counter procrastination, you should always have this phrase in mind Do It Now.

Whenever a thought of putting things off come into your mind, repeat this phrase more several times for then you won’t want to stop the task at hand.

Save And Don’t Overspend

Another common trait found in many successful people is, they regularly save at least 10 to 20 percent of their earnings.

Regular planning, setting achievable goals and dreaming big doesn’t protect us from unpredictable outcomes the future may hold. Though they keeps us on the right track, they don’t guarantee our success. What you save today is what would protect you against any unfavorable future events. It’s what would help you stay afloat during the toughest moments and keep you going.

If you’re currently overspending or living above your means, I want you to know that it won’t help you achieve your goals.

When you have enough money in reserve, you’re likely to be in a relaxed state. This would help you make the right decisions even when things aren’t looking too good.

Be Persistent No Matter What

Persistence is a common attribute found in great men who managed to achieve great things in life.

The phrase Never Give Up may consist of only three words, but it is believed that there’s a strong power in that phrase.

Before you embark on a journey towards any of your goals, you should first discard the thought that it will be an easy ride.

There’s nothing like an easy ride. Every success have been achieved with a great deal of consistent efforts in the face of constant setbacks.

Find a Mentor

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, many people have been there before you. They went through the turmoils and survived it which is the reason why they are now successful.

By having the right mentors, you can avoid making costly mistakes, and accelerate the progress towards your goals.

Challenge Yourself Today

If something you’re doing doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change you.

To achieve your big goals, you need a healthy dose of normal stress. Without pushing your current limits and getting out of your comfort zone, you won’t see any major improvement in your life. That’s why you have to challenge yourself every day.

There are some areas you can challenge yourself today:

You can try meeting new people, learning a new language, doing more physical exercise, aiming high in your career. cutting back your expenses and living within your means. These are great places to start from.


Inside this article, I’ve talked about most of the changes you’ll need to make today to achieve more success in your life.

What are you trying to achieve in the next few years? What changes do you need to make today to get there? Tell me in comments.

About the Author

Michael Akinlabi believes he’s sent from God to help you achieve financial freedom. You can check out his blog at

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  1. Matt Hayden says:

    Good point about the importance of confidence. Having it is so important, particularly if you are offering a service that has a lot of human interaction.

    People want to feel secure in their dealings with you. If you lack confidence they’ll sense that and think less of the service you offer, even if it is still top quality.

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