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2 Responses to 'Blog and Tweet – How to Pull Off The Miracle Combination for Traffic'

  1. I agree with you. Twitter has been a great tool for me in expanding the reach of my blog. Thx for finding me on Twitter!

    I need to launch a campaign to get people to subscribe to my blog. I have fairly good traffic (having just combined 3 former sites into a dynamite new site) but the subscriber list is slow to grow.

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Doreen,

      I checked out your blog and as far as getting more people to subscribe to your blog, one thing you can do is take out the “Last Name” field of your sign up form.

      And here is another post that explains how you can edit the MailChimp signup form. I also use MailChimp 🙂

      You can also have your signup form at the bottom of each post. This gives people more opportunities to see your signup form and sign up. Chances are, after they’ve read a post they really like, they’ll be apt to sign up right then. So having it at the bottom of a blog post is another good place besides the sidebar.

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