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How to Get a YouTube Channel’s RSS Feed URL


A quick post today just to explain how to get the rss feed url of a YouTube channel as of September 17, 2015. Google may change this at any time (as they love to do, to frustrate people to the max), but this is the most current way to get the rss feed of a youtube channel as of today’s date.

1. Simply go to the youtube channel for which you’d like the rss feed url.

2. Copy the User ID in your browser’s address bar:


3. Paste the User ID into this web address URL as such:

And that’s it. Now you have the rss feed url of a youtube channel that you love, and/or want to share easily and automatically to your social media channels, using an rss syndication service like

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4 Responses to 'How to Get a YouTube Channel’s RSS Feed URL'

  1. Hi Lisha,

    Good to know. Just uploaded a YT video a few hours ago.

    Your domain name is right up my alley. Brilliant.


  2. Deepak says:

    Hi, I’ve also shared one more method if this method fails. Checkout :

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