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A Cool Tip for Saving Money on Gifts for Holidays and Birthdays


I wanted to get some new shoes this past month and I usually go to the big box department stores searching for the right shoes at the right price (because I’m all about saving as much money as possible), so I end up going to three or four different places to find shoes. But I have been really busy lately and I just didn’t feel like heading out to the stores, so I decided I would try to find some shoes online.

While I was online searching for a cool pair of shoes at the best possible price, I came upon this website And it turns out that it’s pretty much the Indian version of Alibaba. So everything is much less expensive than if you were to buy it in the US.

I’m a big fan of Asics and Nike, so I looked for some of those. I found some that I liked, so I added them to my cart. But before I checked out, I did what I always do: I searched for a coupon or promo code to get even more money off.

So I found this website and they had a coupon code for up to 60% off sports shoes on Paytm, so I followed the link to get a pair of shoes at an even better deal. The ones I had originally chosen to add to my cart were only 2% off, but there were so many others to choose from that had an even better deal, so I looked through the list of shoes.

I could sort by size so I didn’t have to scroll through the ones that didn’t have a pair in my size. UK 6 is US size 8, so you gotta watch out for that too. Then I also lowered the price range so only the very best deals showed up. So I chose my favorite from the list so I could get the deal from Coupon Machine, which was these awesome looking pink and grey shoes and they were 15% off regular price, and they totally reminded me of a pair of Nike’s I bought awhile back.

At regular price the shoes were 699 Rupees ($10.49–already a great deal for a cute pair of shoes), and with 15% off it was 594 Rupees ($8.88), and then I also got another 30% cashback after the item was shipped to me, which was credited to my Paytm account I had to create, which is basically the Indian version of paypal. So the total I ended up paying was only $6.25. The brand name of the shoes I got is “Asian”, which I had never heard of, but who cares when I’m getting shoes for $6.25! My grandpa always used to say “A penny saved in a penny earned.”

I ordered a few other light weighted items that I liked to make the shipping more worth it. And it all arrived about 3 business days later, which is even better than a lot of US companies, and this is on the other side of the world, so that was a bonus.

Anyway, just thought I’d share that with you all so you can keep that in mind while doing your holiday shopping–or doing shopping for yourself, because you gotta admit that from time-to-time we need to treat ourselves too! Work hard, play hard. Am I right?

I’m probably going to get more shoes from Paytm using couponmachine because there are a lot of cool shoes on there. But there are a ton of other things you can buy and couponmachine has coupons for lots of different types of items on Paytm. So this was a pretty cool find if you ask me.

Now I did all the work and you get to benefit from it!

Merry Christmas!

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