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Boost Sales with These 5 Mobile Marketing Tips


According to ComScore, mobile has now overtaken desktop and is the leading digital platform in the United States. 60% of global mobile consumers reported that they use their mobile device as their primary or exclusive internet source.

As a result, mobile has also become one of the most popular and effective marketing channels for companies in this country and around the globe. However, as with any marketing method, mobile marketing will only be profitable if you have a solid strategy in place. To boost your company’s sales with mobile marketing, try these five simple tips.

1. Have a mobile-friendly website.

Consumers don’t want to try to navigate the desktop version of your website on their mobile devices. The screen simply isn’t big enough, pages are cluttered and load times are far too long. To ensure that consumers have a positive experience when they access your site from a mobile device, your site needs to be mobile-friendly.

One way to provide consumers with a mobile-friendly website is to develop a separate website that will appear when your address is accessed from a mobile device. You can also go mobile-friendly by incorporating responsive design, a technique that adjusts your site based on the size of users’ screens, into your existing website.

2. Make your site easy to navigate.

Consumers using their mobile phones to access online content want to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Keep your mobile site easy to navigate by placing the most important information on the first page.

Make the design of the main page as clean as possible by including only the content consumers are most likely to access. Other content should be contained deeper within the site. Whenever possible, reduce the amount of text and add visual content instead.

3. Make it easy for consumers to call.

Shopping or researching products online often brings up questions for consumers. Make it easy for them to call you so that they can get the answers they need quickly.

To make calling your company simpler, place a click-to-call button in an obvious location on your mobile website and opt for a phone number that is easy for consumers to remember. Make sure that you also have plenty of customer service representatives on hand to answer the calls when they come in.

4. Incorporate SMS messaging into your mobile site.

Incorporate SMS messaging into your mobile marketing campaigns to make connecting with your company even easier for consumers. For example, rather than asking consumers to fill out a lengthy contact form when they want to subscribe to your promotions, you can allow them to “text to join” instead. You can also use SMS messaging to send alerts and requested information to consumers via mobile.

5. Launch SMS messaging campaigns.

Because consumers receive so many emails each day, marketing emails have only a small chance of being opened and an even smaller chance of actually being read. Text messages, on the other hand, have an open rate of 98 percent.

Increase the effectiveness of your mobile marketing strategy by launching SMS campaigns in addition to email. Keep in mind that you must get consumers’ permission before you begin texting.

These are just a few of the strategies you can use to boost sales through mobile marketing. To learn more about SMS marketing campaigns or mobile marketing in general, contact Trumpia today.

About the Author

Sophorn Chhay is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Trumpia is offering a free Mobile Marketing Success Kit so don’t forget to grab your free copy.

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