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How to Stay Safe While Marketing Online


While blogging started as a popular way to journal your feelings either publicly or privately, it has evolved into a multi-million dollar industry that people can easily live off of with the right tools and strategies. What can be better than writing about your passions and then partnering up with companies to review and sell their products and services for some compensation? Moreover, you could also sell your own products and services through your blog and therefore reach a wider audience.

However, while internet marketing can be a great career, it comes with risks. Putting your information online when you are sending promotional emails, contacting other bloggers, purchasing services and posting on social media may compromise your personal security and the security of your blog. As an internet marketing professional, you have to learn how to keep your online business secure.

Here are the most important aspects you need to learn to keep your blog and yourself safe from cyberattacks:

Safeguard Your Computer

Your laptop is one of the most valuable of tools for your business as it contains most of your relevant information. This makes it a prime target for hackers that would seek to steal or sabotage your plans or efforts. While it highly likely that you perform most of the recommended security checks for offline and online computer use already, a review of the following main points will not hurt:

  • Backup all your important files on an external drive or a cloud service just in case you are a victim of a cyberattack. Having a regular or automated backup schedule will save you a lot of grief in the instance of losing all your files.
  • Additionally, ensure that you update your security suite as often as possible. Don’t be afraid to change services if you aren’t satisfied. Insecure software is a vulnerability that hackers will take advantage of.
  • Have a strong and secure password for your computer. For better security, ensure your most important files have limited access. Password protect the important files, preferably with a different password from the computer and network password.

    Keep Your Plugins Updated

    Plugins are some of the most vulnerable items on a website, particularly if you do not update them regularly. Even as plugins and scripts make for a more accessible blog, you need to be careful in using them. Outdated plugins are vulnerable to hackers. Most of the time when you log into your dashboard, you will see a prompt to update some plugin or another. Since it typically takes a few seconds or minutes to do this, the most common reaction is to put it off.

    Try to log into your dashboard at least once every week and update all your plugins and scripts. If your website runs outdated plugins, you run the risk of being hacked as updates and patches are often fixes in response to security vulnerabilities in the plugin. In relation to that, always delete any plugins that you are not using to reduce your exposure. You may be tempted to just deactivate the plugins, but this is not enough. Disabling the plugin does not remove it from your server, and its weakness may still leave your website vulnerable. Ensure that you delete the tool and all its traces from your website to be safe.

    Keep Private Information Private

    As an online marketer, you have to create a persona that the audience will trust. You may believe that sharing everything with your audience is the way to achieve that, but you never know what malicious people are reading this information and what they may do with it. There is a fine line between sharing just enough information and too much. Consider the following tips:

    • Never post your personal details such as where you work or live as this may make it easy for hackers to track you.
    • If your marketing does not involve meeting with clients or signing contracts, consider using a pseudonym for your outreach efforts. This way you can have several names for different marketing campaigns so that theft of one strategy means you still have the others to fall back on.
    • Separate your personal and your business email addresses. You need to protect your personal life from your professional life just in case your marketing emails become public. Also try to make sure that you use different business emails for different purposes, if you deem it necessary.

      Take Precautions When on Unsafe Networks

      Being an internet marketer means that being location independent is an essential fact of your business. You need to answer to email messages, interact with your social media audience, and respond to questions about your products or services on your smartphone or laptop. You do not want to miss out on great opportunities for promotion or sharing of your great content just because you do not have your device with you.

      Working while traveling will mean that you have to either subscribe to expensive data plans or use highly vulnerable public WiFi. Using WiFi exposes any data, communications and your accounts to interception by hackers that lurk on these networks. To protect yourself when using such networks you need to use privacy-focused technology such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN works by encrypting your connection and tunneling it through a secure offsite server making your data virtually invisible to onlookers. Most importantly, you get to prevent competitors and other organizations from tracking you when performing research.


      Internet marketing is a complex discipline that is always evolving. While you need to adapt constantly to remain relevant, the safety of your blog, your computer and your privacy are vital. If you can ensure your security, you can focus on improving your internet marketing business strategies and the growth of your business.

      What other approaches are you using to protect your online marketing activities? Do you have any thoughts on the above strategies? Please leave a comment below and help other internet marketers with your experiences.

      About the Author

      cassiephillips2Cassie Phillips is an internet security and internet marketing blogger who has been researching these topics for several years. She is passionate about sharing internet marketing strategies that work and helping others protect their internet business from cyber threats.

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One Response to 'How to Stay Safe While Marketing Online'

  1. Safety should always be our number one priority especially if you are engaging online because we don’t have personal connection on people we meet online. Thanks for making us all aware of this things and how we can be safe all the time when doing online business.

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